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miauu's Work Plane

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The miauu's Work Plane is a script for Autodesk® 3ds Max® which creates a work plane that automatically adjusts to match the two major axes most closely aligned to the screen axis. When you rotate the Perspective viewport the miauu's Work Plane will snap to the dominant plane, XY, XZ or YZ.

While the default mode for the miauu's Work Plane is to automatically adjust to the screen rotation, the miauu's Work Plane can also be locked and used as a construction plane. There are a number of methods for manually setting the miauu's Work Plane to a specific center and axis. The miauu's Work Plane can very quickly be locked to a specific major axis and position, or you can easily snap the miauu's Work Plane to the selected geometry or even to the polygons directly under the mouse. This level of flexibility and control provides you with an incredibly fluid and rich set of options for editing your workspace.

You can also force the miauu's Work Plane into a manual alignment using the miauu's Work Plane commands. These commands are available in the Work Plane menu, located in the main menu bar, but the best solution is to go to Customize - Customize User Interface - "miauu's Work Plane" category and assign a hotkey to most of the commands.

Mastering themiauu's Work Plane will allow you the freedom to do most, if not all, of your modeling in a single perspective viewport. That means more screen real estate for viewing your model and essential tools.

The Work Plane is a very useful and powerful modeling assistant. At the simplest case it enables greater control of your modeling tools while working in the perspective view. As you grow to understand and use the miauu's Work Plane more fully it becomes an incredibly fast method for creating construction planes and constraining your tools to specific axes.


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