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Forest Pack is the most popular scattering plugin in the archviz industry, providing a complete solution for the creation of vast surfaces of trees, grass and plants. Forest Pack uses advanced algorithms and native shaders for the main render engines, to create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons, with limited computer resources.

Forest Pack Lite is free to use, even commercially. It provides many of the features found in Forest Pack Pro but with the ability to scatter a maximum of 3 source objects using up to 4 flat areas. The Lite edition has a limited subset of presets, and does not include Creation Tools, Forest Tools, or user editable libraries. If you want to know the differences between our Pro and Lite version, please read this documentation

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 6.3.0, 28/04/2020
Forest Pack 6.3.0: - Added support for 3ds Max 2021 Forest Pack 6.2.0: - Added compatibility with V-Ray Next Update 1. - Improved stability with V-Ray IPR and added several improvement, including: - Added support for Viewport IPR mode. - Items now can be edited on Custom Edit mode while using V-Ray IPR. - Forest Color's randomise by Element mode now works during IPR mode even when Display mode is set to Proxy. - Fixed a crash that occurred when hiding or isolating objects during a V-Ray IPR render. - When rendering using IPR mode in Corona, Forest Pack objects no longer disappear in the viewports. - Network Licenses are now released on New File and Reset events in Max. - Improved scattering performance and memory usage with small/medium distributions. - Improved performance when loading objects with high material ID values. - "LibraryDir" and "EffectsDir" can now be defined using environment variables. Fixes; - Fixed issues with animated V-Ray proxies. - Fixed crashing bug with Animation modes in V-Ray. - Fixed critical bug in multithreaded scattering process. - Fixed the alignment of the first item on closed splines when using Distribution by Path mode. - Fixed Distribution by Path using spacing zero generates the maximum number of items defined on Display limits. - Fixed an issue where animated Effects parameters were not updating correctly. - Fixed an error that occurred when configuration is defined by environment variables, but the HKCU registry branch doesn't exist. - Fixed performance issue loading objects with high material ID values. - Fixed a crash that occurred when adding items in Custom Edit when Geometry List is empty. - Fixed a bug computing the hierarchy of Elements in Custom Objects (used for Forest Color/Edge Mode). To see a full description and videos of the new features see the Forest Pack 6 “What’s New?” page

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