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Pillars is a MaxScript for Autodesk® 3ds Max®. It creates 3d models of pillars, columns, railings, fountains and a variety of similar shapes. It also breaks them.

The UI is minimalistic and you can try out a number of designs very quickly, the script does all the creative work. Pillars is totally free for any kind of use and modifications, and is open sourced.


  • Creates the base, column and top parts independently.
  • You can change any part at any time. The model changes instantly in the viewports. (Real time interactivity)
  • Creates simple, fluted and fancy pillars of all kinds.
  • Breaks the pillars.
  • Breaking point, angle and roughness can be controlled and experimented with.
  • Breaks pillars into many pieces if needed.
  • Some presets have been provided to get you started.

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Version 0.1.0, 25/06/2019
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