Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts

High Technology Craft, LLC

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This plug in allows you to create a gear or nut using an easy and simple method.  You just need one click of the mouse in viewport, move the mouse and you then get a great looking object. 

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Version, 20/08/2019
Final version common module (gear, nut, mobius strip and extended spring)

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  • Simply brilliant!
    Claudio Frusteri | février 14, 2020

    I state that I am not a professional and I do not use 3ds Max to make graphics as a first profession. I am a hobbyist, I purchased this software because it allows you to create mechanical parts and not only really in a few minutes. I think it is especially suitable for those who need professional use because it is a really well made and particular Plugin. The developer provides assistance in a truly cordial as well as professional manner. I really recommend the purchase for those who do not want to waste time in modeling to make mechanical prototypes. Thanks for the development, High Technology Craft, LLC.