VSOCLOUD™ Render Farm Client for Still Image

VSOCLOUD™ Render Farm Client for Still Image

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VSOCLOUD™ render farm is a powerful, simple, economical and convenient cloud rendering platform that meets the needs of the still image, animation, special effects, and other rendering requirements. This version of the client is completely tailored for the rendering of single-frame images. 

VSOCLOUD™ render farm supports Autodesk® 3ds Max® up to 2020 version. It is a features built-in 3ds Max plug-in and allows one-click multi-shot submission, lockable aspect ratio, custom output picture name, real-time preview and is automatically downloaded. This client can automatically match the V-Ray version to support photon rendering. With massive concurrent high-end rendering nodes, you can use up to 2048 threads to speed up the rendering process.

 VSOCLOUD™  also has the highest security level with its dedicated network and facilities assessed and certified by TPN. The platform also provides GPU render which meets the requirement of clients who use V-Ray RT. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Each New registrant receivers a free trial of $20.00 rendering credits.

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Versão Version. 4.1.78, 13/09/2021
1) Add custom rendering ID and AO channel 2) Add custom modified panorama camera mode 3) Add custom overlay output gamma value 4) Block rendering upgrade, adding 320 thread rendering mode, comprehensively improve the price 5) Add 2048 thread rendering mode 6) Integrated VSOCloud drive Manager, you can download recently submitted files at any time 7) Optimized drag and drop submission 8) Combine real-time preview and block stitching preview function P.S. We also added the "Completely Uninstall" feature which allows the user to remove all the related files when they uninstall the application.

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  • Surprisingly nice farm
    Greel Inkfield | fevereiro 14, 2020 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    I have rarely used this kind of farm with independent submission software before, and this time I finally decided to give it a try. Software installation is more troublesome, you may choose the wrong language, but once you have completed the installation, the rest will be very easy to use.

    The staff can help a lot, and the free trial amount is enough for me to render a lot of work. 
    I think I will use this farm for a long time in the future, highly recommended.

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