Xref Object Manager (XOM)

Xref Object Manager (XOM)

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Xref Object Manager (XOM) is an add-in application coded entirely using AutoLISP®/Visual LISP® offering 100% Autodesk® AutoCAD® (backward and forwards) compatibility. XOM provides a dynamic graphic user interface (GUI) to present a number of operations (some built-in to AutoCAD while others are newly added) to manage a displayed list of External Reference Objects contained in the current drawing database.


XOM Operations:

  1. Attach – implements AutoCAD Attach External Reference window on the current selected External Reference Object
  2. Copy – a new operation that takes the current selected External Reference Object and generates a new copy using the same drawing path name ready for placement into the current drawing
  3. Delete – implements AutoCAD detach command on the currently selected top-level External Reference Object (nested External Reference Objects will not be deleted)
  4. Rename - similar to AutoCAD rename command but also gives the user the option to rename a selected nested External Reference Object with a new name
  5. RePath – a new operation automating the sequence of selecting a new drawing path for the current selected External Reference Object and then renaming it to match the new path drawing name
  6. EqPath – a new operation that automates the process of renaming the current selected External Reference Object to match the referenced path drawing name
  7. Show – a new operation that highlights and zooms in onto an instance of the current selected External Reference Object located in the current drawing space

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Version 1.1.0, 04/09/2023
Fixed a bug that generated multiple app folder instances under Trusted Locations

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