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The ApliCAD DWGExplorer plugin allows performing an analysis of the information contained in a DWG file.


Its intuitive interface allows the user to locate and interact with drawing entities, as well as obtaining information relating to the filtered entities.


ApliCAD DWGExplorer is very effective on occasions when we are sent a drawing with lots of information and we do not know the classification of the different elements by Layer, Block, etc..


The plugin is free in its standard version and is distributed with a 30-day demo license. At any time you can request the activation of a free license.


ApliCAD DWGExplorer plugin allows:

  • Exploration of drawing data.
  • Sorting and filtering.
  • A search of elements in the drawing.
  • Selection of elements in the drawing.
  • Copying elements between drawings.
  • Deleting elements.
  • Multi-language.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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During the 30 days for trial, the app have full functionality.

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Version 1.0.0, 13/09/2021
Initial release.

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