SoftDraft ALUM2DS Aluminum Structural Shapes 2D

SoftDraft ALUM2DS Aluminum Structural Shapes 2D

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Alum2D is a powerful Autodesk® AutoCAD® app that streamlines your workflow for incorporating aluminum structural shapes into your designs.

Extensive Library of Shapes:

  • Beams: I-Shapes, W-Shapes, S-Shapes.
  • Channels: Regular channels and tapered leg channels.
  • Angles: Equal and unequal leg angles.
  • Tubes: Round, square, and rectangular tubes.
  • Pipes: Round pipes.

All shapes are based on Alcoa Engineered Products dimensions, ensuring accuracy and industry standards in your designs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Create shapes in any view: Easily generate aluminum shapes in plan, section, and elevation views to perfectly suit your drafting needs.
  • Minimize file size: Alum2D intelligently creates section view shapes as AutoCAD blocks, reducing file size and improving software performance.
  • Parametric shape creation: All shapes are generated on-demand with parametric attributes, allowing you to modify dimensions and properties for complete design flexibility.
  • Easy placement and manipulation: Shapes attach to your cursor based on a central insertion point, and you can freely rotate them after placement for precise positioning.

Overall, Alum2D significantly enhances your AutoCAD drafting experience by providing a comprehensive library of aluminum structural shapes, along with intelligent features that save time and effort.

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