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The "Place Leaders" command will help you quickly arrange assembly drawings. The command will create a callout (multileader) from each visible part or from each block, extract the name of the part or any other data about it, and arrange the MultiLeader texts in two columns on the sides of the assembly. Thus, all the work on creating all callouts is done in one click. You can use the command in 3D or 2D drawings, in viewport sheets, or directly in the model. Using the program ensures that you do not forget to mark any details.

Advantages of the program

  • Works with any drawing objects: curves, solids, blocks.

  • Works in the model and on sheets (via viewports)

  • The program can find objects in the viewport itself. But you can select only a part of the objects for placing leaders.

  • For each part in the 3D model, the visibility of the center is checked, the midpoints of edges and vertices, and leaders are made only if a visible point is found that is not obstructed by other parts.

  • The program can make a list of invisible parts, so you don't forget to mark them in another view.

  • You can make multi-leaders from parts inside assembly blocks and nested blocks. You can also use blocks with exploded views created by the TNT command.

  • You can discard unnecessary details by filtering by layer, technology, etc.

  • The Smart Leader program and the drawing object property substitution system are used to extract any data and fill in the multileader according to the template. For example, you can write part dimensions or materials on a multi-leader.

  • You can call the Numbering program to name the parts as sequential numbers and display those names on multi-leaders.

  • Different templates are used to fill in data about solids, blocks, and other objects.

  • You can use a multileader style with a block at the end, including a "bubble" with a part number.

  • The program can search for and delete old multi-leaders left over from past calls to the program.

  • You can prevent the program from repeating the multileader from the same parts and the same blocks.

  • The program can replace arrowheads on multi-leaders with dots if the arrow points to the center of the part where there are no lines.

  • Multileaders will update their data on the LeaderUpdate command, along with other Smart Leaders.

  • You can customize the programs differently for different multileader styles. Create as many multi-leader styles as you want with different settings and simply switch styles. Some of the settings are common with Smart Leaders.


The program interacts well with the plugins A>V>C> Properties Palette, Lay, and Sawing Table. Once entering the part names in the properties of the solids, you can quickly place them on the leaders of the Assembly drawing and exploded drawings, and Sawing Table. Measurement of the solid follows the same rules as in the Sawing Table, regardless of the rotation of parts in space.

To run the plugin, you will have to register an account and top up your account balance by making a donation or receiving bonuses.

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Then you can activate one of the licenses:

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Versão 2022.12.3, 25/01/2023
Initial Release.

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  • A fantastic tool!
    Adelina Noroc | julho 20, 2023

    With precise placement and intelligent obstruction avoidance, it ensures accurate results. The list feature keeps track of invisible parts, and multi-leaders are a breeze with various styles and data extraction. It's a must-have for any design project, streamlining the process and delivering impeccable results!

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