Auto Reinforcement bars

Auto Reinforcement bars

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Auto Reinforcement bars is software for Autodesk® AutoCAD®. It allows you to facilitate the realization of the reinforcement plans for the construction.


The software is made to simplify the creation and the modification of the reinforcement necessary for your project as much as possible thanks to the predefined shapes and a lateral options palette. The dynamic markings on the reinforcement allow you to create clear plans and save time during modifications. The summary tables help you to build in one click the summary of your marked reinforcing bars as well as the total weight and the average diameter.


Auto Reinforcement bars have all the necessary elements for the realization of the reinforcement plans for construction:

  • Simple creation of reinforcement thanks to predefined shapes.
  • Edition and modification of the reinforcement thanks to a palette of options.
  • Dynamic marks for the reinforcements bars.
  • Recapitulative tables of the reinforcement (diameter, number, shape, bending diameter, total length).
  • Export of tables to Excel.


Main functions:


Longitudinal Rebars:

Longitudinal Rebars has 6 predefined shapes and has the particularity of using the bending diameter recommended for large diameter reinforcement bars. These bending diameters are configurable in the general options.



The Stirrups have 5 predefined shapes and have the particularity of using the bending diameter recommended for the transverse reinforcement (stirrups). These bending diameters are configurable in the general options.


Distribution Rebars:

The Distribution Rebars allows the creation of distribution of reinforcement bars over a defined length thanks to 3 options Defined number, constant distribution, variable distribution.

Longitudinal Rebars, Stirrups, and Representation Rebars can be distributed thanks to this function.


Representation Rebars:

The Representation Rebars is a copy of the Longitudinal Rebars or the Stirrups following a view (X, Y, Cut). That option is the most interesting because the Representation Rebars works in conjunction with your reference Rebar. If the reference Rebar is modified, the Representation Rebar will be modified



Marks allow referencing the Rebars. They can show the number, diameter, distribution as well as a shape of the referenced Rebar. The marks are dynamic, which means that they are updated every time the marked Rebar is modified.



The copy, move, and stretch commands in AutoCAD can be used for Rebars.

You can find some videos below showing the use of the software. If you need more information, our technical support is available.

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