Automatic Polyline Simplification

Automatic Polyline Simplification

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The ASimp command "Automatic Simplify Polylines" will help you optimize your drawing. The program works with polylines and legacy 2D polylines. Works with polylines with arc segments.

Program features:

  • Converts legacy 2D-polylines to regular polylines
  • Removes unnecessary nodes (vertices) and segments on linear and arcuate sections. With this, you can control the tolerance from the original curve.
  • Replaces arcuate segments on a line if the deviation does not exceed the allowable value.
  • Replaces a polyline from arc segments with a circle.
  • Replaces a straight polyline with multiple segments with a Line object.
  • Aligns nearly horizontal and nearly vertical segments. Also within the specified tolerance.
  • An almost closed polyline becomes closed.
  • The program will issue a report to the command line: how many polylines have been processed and how many nodes (vertices) have been deleted.
  • You can select objects before invoking the command.
  • You can select and process many polylines at once or the entire drawing.
  • The program itself will discard unsuitable objects from the selection - select everything with a frame.
  • You can exclude from processing polylines from unwanted layers, as well as exclude polylines with a line type other than Continuous.
  • You can keep the original polylines.
  • The program has common settings with all other A>V>C> programs for preparing contours for CNC.
  • All settings are combined into a "CNC style". You can create up to 9 styles. It's easy to switch styles right from the command line.


The ASimp command is used within the Outside Loop command and is included in the A>V>C> Pro.

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Versão 2021.12.3, 29/03/2023
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