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The MultiSlice command will help you quickly create boxes, columns, partitions from sheet materials. Simply draw the cubes with the _box command in the size of future products and call the MultiSlice (MSL) command. The command will do the rest:
  • Processes a lot of solids at once
  • Selects only the surfaces you need on solid or all surfaces.
  • Selects contiguous (conjugated without kinks) surfaces to process them as a whole.
  • Thin parts of a given thickness will exfoliate from selected surfaces.
  • If necessary, make miter joints between parts (along the bisector of the angle of the joint).
Features of the program:
  • You can customize up to 9 slice styles and quickly switch between them directly from the command line.
  • You can specify the direction along which surfaces will be automatically selected.
  • The program itself can find the longest straight edge of the solid and use it as a direction for selecting surfaces.
  • Or program may ask you to choose any edge on one of the solid to set this direction.
  • Knows three methods of peeling.
  • Able to cut flat, cylindrical and more complex surfaces.
  • You can adjust the cutting sequence depending on the size of the surface.
  • You can glue all cut slices into one solid.
  • You can select multiple surfaces on multiple solids before calling a command. In this case, only these surfaces and possibly contiguous to them will cut.
  • Program can save the remaining core of the original solid ("stub"), if it is needed for the design of internal parts.
  • It can work on a cycle, requesting only new and new solid, until pressing ESC.
  • There is a convenient setting's dialog.

Plugin can work with 3D-solids only. It not works with Meshes, Surfaces and Blocks. 

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  • Yes that's it!
    Uwe Grabner | março 03, 2020 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Perfect for all designers who have something to do with panel materials. The additional setting options of the app are incredible and very welcome. Simply terrific! Many thanks!!

    Alexandr Chernishev (Fornecedor) | março 06, 2020

    Thanks Uwe!

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