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The FacetCurve plugin can be used to facet 2D and 3D curves in Autodesk® AutoCAD® to approximate their curvature with a number of straight line segments. The faceted output is in the form of a number of lines or a single polyline, as selected by the user.

This tool will be of use to people needing to export complex curves to an environment – such as a CNC system – that may not support that particular type of object natively. 

This plugin was first published as an ADN   Plugin of the Month. The plugin has been provided with the complete source code needed to build the application, with the intention of encouraging users of Autodesk software to use programming to tailor the products they use to their specific business needs.

More information regarding this plugin can also be found on Kean Walmsley's blog about AutoCAD programming, Through the Interface.

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Versão 1.1.1, 24/03/2021
Added support to AutoCAD 2022 (No change in version number).

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  • How to facet many curve objects
    Yangguoshe Yang | fevereiro 22, 2018 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    How to facet many curve objects( such as 1000 ) in one operation? thanks !

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