AutoCAD Block Best Practices

AutoCAD Block Best Practices


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Block is one of the most important productivity tools in Autodesk® AutoCAD®. By optimizing your blocks, you will find that AutoCAD is not just about drawing lines or just get the drawings done. You can draw lines fast, but productivity is beyond that. It’s not just to get the drawings done. You need to be able to modify drawings easily during the design process. You may be able to finish your drawing very quickly, but you may spend too much time when you’re doing revisions. If you do, then you're not productive. Drawings also should provide necessary information. Furthermore, you will want to add some intelligence so that you can automate some process. In this e-book, you will learn how to create, automate, and manage your blocks. We’re not only discussing features, but we’re also talking about productivity concept. And how you can use blocks to solve problems in AutoCAD. This e-book can be used by AutoCAD users from beginners to intermediate users. However, I believe advanced users still can use the information. The download consists of a zip file containing a PDF version of the book and supporting DWG files.

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