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Big program kit from A>V>C> allow radically accelerate any solid modeling products and help to create specifications. But even who still consider AutoCAD as drawing board will find complete useful functions too.

Includes plugins:
 chop Chop
Chop a 3d-solid into many pieces. Make ribs and stair-step.

 CrossPiece plugin for AutoCAD Cross-Piece
To make the notches in intersecting parts (3D-solids) to connect cross.
 DadoJoiont Dado Joint
Formation of dado joinery between a 2 contacting solids. Automatic creation dadoes, grooves, pockets, cutouts.
1 click - 1000 holes! Plugin for fast drilling many holes in many 3D-solids. Drill and Gap commands.
 Fixture Fixture
Arrangement of fixtures along joints of solids. RTA fittings, Fasteners, Furniture hinges, Shelf holders, Hardware
 Lay Lay
Lay 3D-solids to XY plane. Group and sort list of details, make FlatShot for CNC.
 Mark Mark
Inserting texts or blocks with part marks in a drawing. Info-Points for data extraction.
 Miter Joint
Miter Joint
Cutting the solid along the bisector of the angle of joining of two surfaces.
 Multi Slice MultiSlice
Cutting off many solid surfaces. Creating a Miter joint. Modeling columns and walls from particleboard/plywood in 1 click. 
 A>V>C> Properties Palette
A>V>C> Properties Palette
The plugin adds to the properties of all objects in the drawing the NAME property, like blocks.
 Numbering Numbering and Select NoName
Give the names to solids as ordered digits. Timesaver for plug-ins Lay, Sawing Table, Smart Leader and Mark.
 Page Numbering Page Numbering
Numbering of drawing sheets in one DWG file. Drawing up a table of contents.
 Paste To Table Paste to Table
Insert text table from the Windows clipboard into the AutoCAD table. Splitting of long tables into layouts. 
 Select Same Objects Select Same Objects
Quick select same objects in drawing. Search for block by attribute and parameter, Search for solids by face color.
 AVC SLICE plugin for AutoCAD Slice
Quick and smart similar SLICE command. Delamination (peeling) flat and curved faces of solid. 
 Leader Smart Leader
MLeaders looking for an object under the arrow and fill the text for itself.
 TNT plugin for AutoCAD TNT
Explosion of assembly. Moving apart solids in space for an illustration of the form of the assembly.
 AutoLng AutoLNG
Keyboard Language automatic switch. Plugin helps to switch the keyboard between English and your native language.
Also included are additional bonus commands:
  • AutoAnn - Automatic activating of "Annotations" layer to create text, leader, dimension, etc.
  • AutoSnap - Automatic shutdown of all snaps when create a text
  • AutoOrtho - Automatic shutdown orthogonal mode when creating a text
  • SumLen - calculates the sum of the lengths of all selected drawing objects: lines, arcs, and polylines
  • SumArea - calculates the sum of the areas of all selected drawing objects: closed polylines, circles, ellipses, and splines.
  • SolSize, SweepSize – solid measurement
  • SawRed - Coloring of solids depending on the manufacturing technology - details for the saw - red, for milling - green.
  • MeshExplode – Explode Mesh, PolyFaceMesh and 3DFace to lines
  • MeshToSolid – Try convert closed Mesh and PolyFaceMesh to Solid
  • BReplace - To replace the selected blocks with the same blocks from another drawing.
  • TextHeightUpdate - Update height of all MTexts in Model Space to scale of current viewport
And the most important bonus – after install this plug-in  a new tabs “A>V>C>” and "3D" will appear in AutoCAD Options dialog. It allows you to customize all of the above functions without using the command line. For program settings, see Common Options. To save settings and restore them, see Export settings.
According to your request I can optimize the program for the standards of your company. Offer your price.
There is a fully functional demo version for 7 days. Download the file AVC_Kit_nnnn_nn.7z. 
Attention! From the download folder you only need to download this one file. No other files are needed! All other included AVC-plugins must be removed form ApplicationPlugins folder.
To activate, donate $100 to further develop the program and follow the instructions.
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Versão 2020.8.1, 24/03/2021
Added 2022 support (No change in version number).

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  • You can't do without AVC!
    Uwe Grabner | março 03, 2020 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    All tools of the AVC series are a great addition to AutoCad. They are now my main tools in quite a few areas.
    At this point, I would like to thank AVC for the great and practical developer work!
    The recently introduced "MultiSlice" tool is exactly the tool I've been looking for.

  • Awesome Utilitys
    Lachlan Armstrong | maio 05, 2018

    We are a small commericail interior fitout company.


    I stumbled across this utility in my hunt for something to take the wierd and crazy designs we have to manufacture from time to time from shop drawings through to CNC machining and installation.

    The AVC Kit is excellent in aiding this Process. All the manual works i had previously done in Acad to get from 'Screen to CNC Machine' has been significantly reduced with the AVC Kit and AVC CNC Prepare utility's

    If you know your way around AutoCad's 3D Environment, then i highly recommend the AVC Add-ons - Excellent Value.

    On top of that, support is great too - Top Marks

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