Boundary Maker – Composite Boundary Boolean Tool

Boundary Maker – Composite Boundary Boolean Tool

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BoundaryMaker is a powerful boundary-generating tool. The tool can generate outlines from any combined object shapes on the user-specified layer with any offset. The tool can even generate outlines with combined objects inside and outside blocks. The tool can also generate outlines with any batched layer group. Boundary Maker will generate outlines from any combined object shapes into composite vector artwork. This creation of boundary polylines from an assortment of drawing entities are acceptable inputs; open polylines with width, Closed polylines, Circles, Blocks, Lines, Arcs, Ellipses, and Splines.

$150.00 to purchase from within the app using a Paypal account OR make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card through Paypal (no Paypal account required)

Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Versão 3.1.0, 27/07/2023
Compatible with 2024 Help F1 displays properly

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  • It was a really time saving helpful app to use
    Karthik karunanithi | outubro 02, 2023 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    I just randomly came across this app and it worked like magic when i tried to create outline drawings out of a complicated shape

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