Batch attribute block ref. creation from worksheet

Batch attribute block ref. creation from worksheet

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Autodesk® AutoCAD® block & block with attributes is great; Microsoft® Excel® worksheet autofill is also marvelous. Why don't we combine them?

This app is designed to make use of both of the above great features in one place:

- You can batch-create block references with attributes' content read from an Excel worksheet. Each worksheet column can be set corresponding to an attribute tag; each worksheet row text data corresponds to a block reference attributes' values;

- You can batch-create block references with dynamic properties' value read from an Excel worksheet. Each worksheet column can be set corresponding to a dynamic property; each worksheet row text data corresponds to a block reference dynamic property's values;

- For further mass production improvement, block names can also be read from an Excel column. That means multi-block types can be inserted with a single click;

- For further automation, field attributes cloning from an existing block reference to other block references are also supported;

- A sub-option for insertion of block references through all layouts (except Model space) in X, Y positioning mode is available;

Data required for positioning block references in the drawing are also retrieved from the worksheet, the same mechanic as the attribute/ dynamic property, except the data type is numeric. Block references can be positioned in one of the following manners: 

  1. Along with a profile view;
  2. By X, Y coordinates values in WCS;
  3. Along a 2D polyline;
  4. Along a Civil 3D alignment (Option (4) only available in Autodesk® Civil 3D® application).

Typical usage scenarios are:

  • Insert structure block refs along profile/ alignment (eg: manhole block, pier/abutment block, culvert block, traffic sign block, tree block....)
  • Insert description/comment block refs for those structures along with profile/ alignment

Typically, the app works with World Coordinates System (WCS) and Model space.

If the User Coordinate System (UCS) was used in the model, an implicit transformation to WCS is applied; App also works in Paper space (Layout) or inside an active Viewport, but in such cases, it is recommended that users should double-check the results before mass production.


  • Users can get a free version of this app from here 
  • A paid license is physical computer hardware dependent. After purchasing, please run this App, open the About... panel, manually copy & send your registration info to NTCL support email For more details, please refer to the License registration Guide;
  • During waiting for a perpetual license file, this App still runs with full functions;
  • For purchasing volume of 50 or more licenses, assuming that all PCs work in the same local domain network, a specific domain-based license may be distributed instead of an individual license if required and such a domain-based license is technically feasible;
  • Users will get a message if this App package is launched from a virtual machine. App launched from a virtual machine will be limited in features like free version;

Sobre esta versão

Versão, 28/03/2023
Bugs fixed: - Fix the bugs when merged cells appear in the Excel selection range, only the upper left cell of the merged area has value; Improvements: - Add an option for creating Dynamic block references with up to 12 Dynamic properties read from Excel columns; - Add an option for cloning fields from an existing field attribute block reference to other block references; - Users can now create different block types in one click. Block names are also retrieved from an Excel Column; - Add a button to delete block references, filtered by block name; - Add an option to create multi-block references by X, and Y coordinates, through all Layouts (except Model space); - Add an option to declare a universal block scale before creation; - Add an option to show External reference in the block name drop-down list;

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  • Good App
    Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao | abril 12, 2024 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    My team 've been using this App for 2 years.  Worth every penny.

    By the way, I'd like to know when will the update for AutoCAD 2025 be available?

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