CTC CIM Manager Suite 2022

CTC CIM Manager Suite 2022

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This setup will install add-in tools for Autodesk® AutoCAD® platforms and Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. 


Linetype Manager (Free): 
The tool consists of one dialog box that allows users to edit Autodesk® AutoCAD® linetype files (.lin) in an intuitive and graphical way. As linetype definitions are created or assembled a preview provides instant feedback. All linetype definitions write to a native .lin file and are compatible with any DWG file. This tool is available in all AutoCAD platforms.


Template Tracker (Trial):
Track down the use of Layers, Text, Dimension, and Leader Styles in any drawing or template. Easily replace and edit these embedded elements throughout the current file.


Layer Boss (Trial): 
Speed up Civil 3D Layer management and creation by syncing with an Excel spreadsheet. This tool is partially available on all AutoCAD platforms.


Survey Template Manager (Trial): 
Greatly improve survey template management through the automated configuration of Description Key Sets and Figure Prefix Databases.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).

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Version 22.0.2, 28/09/2021
Template Tracker - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where pressure network band styles were causing Template Tracker to error out. Fixed many issues where certain mleaders, layers, text styles and dimension style references were not found in the drawing. Fixed an issue where sorting by layer in layer editing dialog box caused an error. Fixed an issue where certain drawings would cause a looping error when opening Template Tracker – Enhancement - Added support for Pressure Network related references can now be tracked (2022 version only). CIM Manager Suite-wide - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where custom subassemblies were breaking when CIM Manager Suite was installed. Layer Boss - Enhancement - Added legend in import results to better understand the different color coding of results. Added column header filters to excel export. Layer Boss - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where the layers export dialog box wasn't stretching components correctly. Fixed an issuye where, when the user settings in the user appdata folder did not exist, the app would error out. Fixed an issue where french color spellings were not recognized when export to or syncing from Excel. Fixed an issue where the description column would sometimes be empty when exporting to Excel. Adjust button order on import function to be more industry standard. Layer Boss - New Feature - Add a new column to the excel export titled "New Name". This will allow users to change layer names in excel, then upon syncing back to the dwg, the layer name will change, but all references to that layer will stay intact. Linetype Manager - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where certain .shx files could not be read. Fixed an issue where some linetypes would not import. Added support for include periods (.) in the linetype name. Survey Template Manager - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where block references in point styles were not updated when exporting to Excel. Fixed an issue where multiple description key sets were appearing in the app, but did not exist in the drawing.

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  • Powerful Template Management
    COLIN GAUDET | octobre 26, 2020

    These tools have made my life much easier! being able to mass edit layers from various clunky C3D interfaces has made me so much more efficient. 

    The linetype manager does exactly what AutoCAD should have been doing all along, so much faster to veiw, create, and edit linetypes with this tool. 

    All around great set of tool, I don't use them everyday, but they have saved me weeks of mundane work.