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This app will examine a user selected set of cogo points to help identify possible duplicates.

If such duplicate points are found they will be added to a new selection set to allow the user to further manipulate them.

Supported settings are:

* Tolerance: if two cogo points are less than this number apart from each other they're considered duplicates

* Distances: controls whether elevations are used in computing distances i.e. 2D or 3D distances

(Points with no elevations will be automatically excluded from the set if a 3D distance comparer method is selected)

* Description comparer: controls how cogo point raw descriptions are compared. Options are:

 - NONE: Ignores all point descriptions

 - CASE sensitive: points are considered duplicates only if descriptions are exactly the same including capitalization

 - IGNORE case: points are considered duplicates if descriptions are the same, but capitalization may vary

* POINT selector: controls which point gets selected once a pair of duplicates is found. Options are:

 - LAST: the second point is selected (bigger point number)

 - FIRST: the first point is selected (smaller point number)


Additional settings available only after duplicates have been found:

 - REPORT: Prints a list of the most recent duplicates found

 - Clear report: clears the duplicate list

 - Select points: creates a selection of the most recent duplicates found

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Version 11.2.1, 30/05/2023
Added 2024 support (No change in version number).

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