Save to PCD cloud file

Save to PCD cloud file

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With this application you can save Autodesk® Fusion 360™ models to a PCD file.


The PCD file has the following usage.

- The ability to store and process organized point cloud datasets – this is of extreme importance for real time applications, and research areas such as augmented reality, robotics, etc.

- Binary mmap/munmap data types are the fastest possible way of loading and saving data to disk.

- storing different data types (all primitives supported: char, short, int, float, and double) allows the point cloud data to be flexible and efficient with respect to storage and processing. Invalid point dimensions are usually stored as NAN types.

- n-D histograms for feature descriptors – very important for 3D perception/computer vision applications

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Version 1, 17/11/2016
Save file to Point Cloud Data (PCD)

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