Cut/Join by Component

Cut/Join by Component

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Cut/Join by Component will help you speed up your design process by taking repetitive tasks out of the equation. With this tool, you can predefine certain bodies of a component as a tool for cutting or joining. When that component is used in another design you can start Cut/Join by Component and it will search through that component for all the bodies that you would like to use for cutting or for joining. It will then try to combine these within the assembly that you select. Check out the videos below to see some examples of how to use this tool.


  • Drastically increase the design speed of designs with many components and repetitive tasks.
  • Smooth integration with the Autodesk® Fusion 360™ user interface.
  • Easy to learn with just a few clicks.
  • Help files with video tutorial.
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Versão 1.0.2, 18/02/2021
Bug fixes for Mac-OS. On startup of Fusion 360, this app showed a pop-up warning that the license could not be validated even though everything worked as expected. This has now been fixed and will not show up anymore.

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  • Very usefull
    R P | maio 15, 2019

    Very usefull add-on. 

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