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This app is for users who frequently make boxes with lids that fit snugly using a 'tab' to provide friction.


The app automates the process of:

  1. Projecting the open box face into a new sketch
  2. Offsetting the inner edge to create a 'tab'
  3. Extruding the profiles to form the lid and tab.


The lid will be generated as a new component.

Sobre esta versão

Versão 1.0, 13/09/2021
Initial Release.

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  • Excellent!
    Pete A | junho 19, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Very helpful tool. Thank you!

  • Almost perfect
    Milan Maksimovic | março 14, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    I find it to be excelent. It would be perfect if it could make more complex lids. For instance, if I make a box, I can get a lid, but if my box has partitions, it's mission imposible.

  • Love it
    TwinB Adams | janeiro 10, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Very easy to use, the only problem I have is that the GUI does not show the names on the tabs. Not sure if this is a Fusion problem. At any rate, I love this! Thank you!

  • Very nice!!
    Alex Iribarren | janeiro 02, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Thanks for this! It would be great if this app also created small nothes to help prying open the lid if they come out too tight.

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