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This plug-in automatically places fasteners from the user library or Content Center.

Users can connect to the application any kind of parts: normal Autodesk® Inventor® parts, parametric parts, imported from 3rd parties etc.

To place fasteners the user selects two edges (in most cases) to let the application identify the size and add them to the model.


 App Features:

  • Supports metric and inch fasteners.
  • Supports any part files and Content Center library including Autodesk® Vault®.
  • Supports 5 different materials for each fastener item. 
  • Automatically checks the user's model for errors. For example, if the user selects smooth hole Ø8mm and threaded hole M10 the appropriate warning will be displayed.
  • Checks interference between fasteners and the model. If collision is found the fasteners will be highlighted in red color. If the user places fasteners in the hole and no clearance is left then the fasteners will be highlighted in yellow color. For example this applies when the user places M8 fastener in a hole Ø8mm.
  • Automatically enables half-section view state.
  • Place fasteners inside a folder. The name of the folder can be set in settings.
  • Can place fasteners just in free model space without any constraints. 
  • Can switch between fully and partially threaded hex head bolts.
  • Can propagate fasteners on multiple faces at once.



  • The application only supports standard (coarse) thread pitch. Fine pitches are not supported.
  • For metric fasteners, the application only supports recommended thread sizes: (M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36, M42, M48, M56, M64). It means that for the hole Ø16mm M12 bolt will be used. Optionally other sizes will be added in the next versions.


Please watch the video tutorial about Place Fasteners plug-in:

Descrição da versão de avaliação

This app has 30 days of trial period. The app price is $30

To purchase the app please contact me at (PayPal and Payoneer are available). 

The license is perpetual. The user can install the app on multiple workstations for the same Inventor user (PC, laptop, etc). 

There are discounts if you want to purchase the app for 3 or more users.

Sobre esta versão

Versão 5.0.0, 29/08/2023
- Added a possibility to use different materials from a single content center family. Now when you select a family in the list the available materials are shown below. Select the material you need and click "Add". If material is not selected the first family material (default) is applied. - fixed the bug experienced by some users when "Select length" window is never shown. Instead the error message is displayed. - fixed the bug when fasteners component pattern could not be moved to the browser folder

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  • Slow down performance
    Johan Degreef | janeiro 18, 2022

    As we all know, extensive use of bolt/nuts in an assembly seriously slow down the project. Do you have the option to remove (not display) threads, because I think that is the slow down feature, no?

  • Great application
    Martin Depta | novembro 05, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Hi, this is one of the best apps in the Autodesk App Store.



    Artem Glushchenko (Fornecedor) | novembro 08, 2021

    Thank you very much! I am glad you liked the app!

  • ok
    Carlos Dipierro | novembro 05, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)


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