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Pulldownit is a dynamics plugin intended for destruction effects as well as massive rigid bodies simulations. By using it, digital artists are able to shatter objects in different styles, create surface cracks and easily animate the fracture of 3D models. The power of the Pulldownit solver allows computing thousands of objects in dynamics in a stable and realistic way.

Description de la version d'évaluation

This trial version includes the same dynamics solver as version Pro. However, there are some limitations in the UI: 

  • Force fields per object not supported
  • 1024 fragments per object maximum
  • 1 fracture body in scene maximum
  • 3 clusters per fracture body maximum
  • 100 frames of simulation limit for more than 300 objects/fragments in a scene

A propos de cette version

Version 5.8.0, 25/06/2024
New Fast Stacking & Deactivation solver up to 4x faster Instances shapes supported for rigid bodies and Shatter it New UI parameter "adquire anim velocity factor" New Fbody setup option "One per shatter group" New Jagginess option "Add jagginess to All fragments" New Jagginess mode "Assymetric tesselation" 50% less polys than Uniform mode New ability to animate cracker multiplier or disable it at desired frame New ability to auto assing unique names to duplicated nodes or instances New ability to create PDI rigid bodies from groups New UI option "set all dyn values to default" for rigid bodies Shatter it multithreaded( up to 8x faster with regards to v 5.0) New ability to delete Shatter it centers directly in the viewport Initial velocity and angular velocity can be added to "activation at frame" fracture bodies New ability to generate Bounded Cracks until desired frame only New ability to set parameters for several Crackers at once New ability to invert Crackers selection New ability to Edit Name of selected Cracker New ability to show/hide all Crackers paths at once New ability to create Crackers for all selected curves at once New ability to set parameters for several fractures at once Maya cache playback supported right after baking PDI keys Whole shatter group is hilighted before creating fracture body Shatter locator auto return to a valid position after user release the mouse button

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  • The best plugin ever thanks one
    Benjamin Nnaji | décembre 28, 2019

    pulldownit  the effects are up to taskthank

  • good plugin
    jose garcia | mai 14, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    powerful plugin guys, well done

  • instalar
    humberto lima ferreira | mars 17, 2015 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    boa noite ele diz que esta instalado, porem nao aparece no maya o plugin como faço ? obg