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Rigger includes the most essential tools for fast and efficient 3d character setup in Autodesk Maya.  


  • Minimalistic X-Ray Controllers
  • Seamless IK / FK
  • Stretchy FK / IK / IK Spline Generators
  • Animatable Pivots
  • Motion Capture and FBX Support
  • Ready-to-Animate Character Rigging Solutions
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Versão 2.4.6., 24/10/2019
* Added: Smart Bind Skin * Added: Bind Skin -> Create Skin Helper * Added: Bind Skin -> Show Skin Helpers * Added: Bind Skin -> Hide Skin Helpers * Added: Rename -> Mark as skinHelper * Added: Rename -> Unmark as skinHelper * Added: Select -> Skin Helpers * Added: Rotation Space Switch for hands, feet, and shoulders. * Modified: Biped -> Neck rig * Modified: The rotation order of the hands, feet and fingers * Modified: Tools -> Group now copies rotation attributes * Modified: FK -> Create Shape. When creating a shape, the ‘Shapes’ attribute is created on the main control (‘rig_ctrl’), which turns on and off the display of the shape curves. * Added: FK -> Lock Attributes * Added: FK -> Unlock Attributes * Modified: Last chain bones are now marked as Skin Joints * Modified: Biped -> Body part templates can now be scaled via .scale attributes. * Fixed: Local rotation mode for the legs.

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