SoftDraft Bolts2KS Imperial

SoftDraft Bolts2KS Imperial

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Bolts2K 2D/3D: Bolts/Nuts/Washers for Steel Detailing
Bolts2K parametrically creates bolts/nuts/washers in plan or elevation views for easy placement in steel details. Additional modules included in this App are Slotted Holes, U-Bolts, a variety of Fasteners and Anchor Bolts. Dimensional data for the bolts are stored in external ASCII data files which you may add additional dimensional information on bolts or nuts that are unique to your specific application. Default sizes are included in imperial and metric dimensional data files.

Slotted Holes 2D
The Slotted Holes feature helps you easily create short-slotted and long-slotted holes for construction or steel detailing. Create a single or multiple arrays of slotted-holes simply by entering a standard or oversized bolt diameter for the slot width then the required short or long length for the slot. Slotted-holes are represented as a solid or single polyline opening from a toggle selection. Dimensions are added automatically when the "Add Dimensions" toggle is selected.

After selecting the options in the dialog you are prompted for the slotted-holes location point, the slotted-hole or array and dimensions are added to the drawing then you are prompted for the rotation angle.

Anchor Bolts 2D Only
Anchor Bolts are created in standard or ‘J’ type, with options for projection length, thread length, total bolt length and embed point. Anchor bolt threads are hatched automatically. An option to mirror ‘J’ type anchor bolts saves time in creating a pair of anchor bolts for column details. A base plate option is also available. Anchor bolts are only available in 2D.

U-Bolts 2D Only
U-Bolts module helps you create U-Bolts, Standard and Light Weight around pipes of various sizes. Select from a list of U-Bolt sizes starting at 1/2" through 36" which can be modified by the user adding or removing sizes as required. After selecting the size you can modify the different parameters for the U-bolt. A material thickness is specified at placement time. Select two points for the material thickness and rotation angle and the U-Bolt is added. U-bolts are only available in 2D.

Fasteners 2D Only
Fasteners include socket head cap screw, counterbore for the socket head cap screw, flat countersunk socket head cap screw, and socket head shoulder screw. Create these objects inside or end views with a variety of sizes and pre-defined lengths. Layer selections for the hidden lines and the placement of the fasteners are selected from the dialog before placement. Select from ANSI or BIS dimensional data files. Fasteners are only available in 2D.


Note: The installer is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2025 (including other vertical products).

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