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NavisCustomReportPro is a simple interface that provides the possibility to customize saved viewpoints reports by adding four major functionalities to the Autodesk® Navisworks® native viewpoints export.


First, the plugin adds the location of each saved viewpoint in the Navisworks “Saved Viewpoints” folder structure. This information is useful for locating each viewpoint in Navisworks by individuals other than the authors of the report, or by authors themselves after generating the report.


Second, it provides the possiblity to customize and change resolution of the saved viewpoint’s exported images. This is extremely helpful for complex viewpoints that contains many details.


Third, it allows the user to organize the final report in various number of rows and columns in each page of the report. This functionality makes it possible to reduce number of pages of the final report by generating better organized report with extremely less empty spaces.


Finally, NavisCustomReportPro enabels the user to discriminat between saved viewpoints, which are located in different folders in the Navisworks “Saved Viewpoints” window by changing the background color of their container in the final report. It is also possible to omit saved viewpoints located in any specific folder in the Navisworks “Saved Viewpoints” window from the final report based on the folder’s name.

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Versão 1.0.0, 18/11/2022
Currently available for Navisworks Manage 2022 and Navisworks Manage 2023.

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