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Productivity Toolbox
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Productivity Toolbox is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for Autodesk® Navisworks®. It combines ease of use with the needs of engineers, enabling them to be efficient, quick, and productive in different BIM workflows, improving project performance and putting project coordination and outcomes on the highest level during the project lifecycle.

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Versão 1.1.0, 03/11/2020
• Group Elements Save All functionality now saves search sets in case that breakdowns are created using the Custom Text Property option. • Introduced the Export Properties module. Now user can select and export properties per element, selected while the first object model resolution is active. • More streamlined properties listing while analyzing properties through software. Properties are now unique by display name and data type, avoiding duplicated property entries while analyzing models from different source files. • Copy Revit IDs functionality is doing only simple coping of Revit IDs, without additional information. If the user wants additional information, it can be done through the new Export Properties module • Added search set icon to Selection Set Manager to distinguish selection sets from search sets • Progress bars during the analysis of properties are now showing percentages • Updated YouTube channel with basic tutorials for all commands • Small under-the-hood improvements.

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  • How come these tools are not built in Navisworks?!
    Itai Cohen | setembro 14, 2020

    Great set of tools for some of the worst Naviswork chores. It takes element set creation to a new level.

    The interface looks great and very intuitive. 


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