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Out of the box AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D can be installed using either a basic but powerful SQLite database or an even more robust SQL Express database. Whichever database you use, it is the heart of your AutoCAD® plant project because it houses all of the information about your project and project components.


PlantLink significantly extends the capabilities of your AutoCAD® plant project by providing flexible and reliable unidirectional or bidirectional linking to one of multiple external databases.


In one example of the power of PlantLink, data can be driven into the P&IDs or plant models by linking to one or many external databases and keying into one or more field values.


If the external database contains matching values to the mapped fields and you have configured PlantLink to return the description and spec number from the external database, then the properties in your P&ID or plant model will be updated automatically.


This capacity to easily populate properties and even annotate your P&ID and plant models from external data sources is potent as it supports many workflows, which were previously difficult or impossible.


PlantLink can also be configured to simply view data from external databases using the extend mode, or, by using the update mode, values from the external database(s) can be copied into your plant project database, drawings, and models. PlantLink also has a write back option which enables AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D users to write properties to external databases from their P&ID drawings or Plant 3D models.


Since AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D keep their data in separate (internal) databases, linking data between P&ID and 3D is also a possibility. Even using P&ID data from its own database is possible. This way acquisition rules can be created which aren’t possible through ProjectSetup. This for example allows you to let data flow between all sorts of P&ID symbols.


PlantLink cannot only map data to the P&ID properties of a symbol, but also to its AutoCAD® standard properties like layer, color or linetype. With that you can have the P&ID lines on a layer for each line number (as it is usually the case in Plant 3D). Or the color of a line or valve can be modified based on the service of a line.


PlantLink is needed for each AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D license, because it is running constantly in the background.


PlantLink serves as the missing link in design project data management for AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D. The simplicity and versatility of PlantLink makes the possibilities for data handling nearly limitless.


This is a 30 days trial app.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Versão, 15/05/2020
New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2021 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.2.7

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  • Support is great
    Michael Perrien | fevereiro 20, 2017 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Still testing some scenarios with the PlantLink app, but so far it lives up to expectations. We ran into an issue with multiple schema, but was contacted by support and they've already resolved. Their support is very good.

    Carsten Beinecke (Fornecedor) | fevereiro 21, 2017

    Please send your support question to with a detailed description of your issue.

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