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Family Browser is a dynamic interface; to control, store, and locate office families. Family Browser stays up to date with any changes made in Windows Explorer. Ideal for any small or large practice no matter what flavor of Autodesk® Revit® you use. All families can be controlled from a central location allowing a BIM Manager to instantly make changes, adding groups, tabs, or families. 


Family Browser Features 

  • Easy to set up and use
  • You choose where your content resides. It can be local, LAN, or any cloud-based file location. Family Browser supports Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange, and Autodesk® BIM 360® out of the box.
  • Drag and Drop families to load/insert. Very fast load times.
  • No more loading families via "Load Family" and searching through numerous folders within Windows Explorer and loading a project with multiple unwanted types.
  • See what you are about to load, with customizable icon previews.
  • Tags - Metadata can be added to any family as tags, to add more useful information to the family for searching.
  • Users can starrate families so that BIM managers can see what the most popular families are.
  • Search across your entire library with instant feedback. Search by family name, type name, category, parameter value, or customizable tags.
  • Ability to also include Revit System families, schedules, & drafting views into your Family Browser library.
  • Analytics. Keep track of, and visually see what users are using Family Browser and how. See what the most used families, tabs, and groups are and what users are using them. Analyze what users are searching for and the time it takes the Family Browser to respond to those requests. Keep track of your license usage.
  • User Management. Assign users as Admin or User. A user can use Family Browser but does not have any access to modify the setup of Family Browser.
  • Family Browser is fully integrated into the UI of Revit through a floating palette. It is part of Revit.
  • Silent deployment options to a firm-wide user base. 


This is a 21-day fully functional trial version. To purchase a license please visit: 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Exchange Apps Store installer)

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Version, 26/10/2023
11 October 2023 * New code signing certificate * Minor additions and fixes

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