Find / Replace Parameter Text

Find / Replace Parameter Text

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  • Find and Replace text in text-based instance parameters (shared parameters/project parameters).
  • Show elements in the model.
  • Similar to Autodesk® AutoCAD® Find&Replace.
  • The supported parameter type is Text Parameters (takes any alphanumeric value)ex: “Comments, Room Name, Room Number, Level Name, Grid Name, Panel Name, Circuit Number, Sheet Name,  Sheet Number, etc.”
  • Searches all elements of a specified category, or searches user-selected elements in the model (same category or not).
  • Text Notes aren’t included.
  • Type parameters aren’t included.


Supported Categories:

1-Air Terminals 29-Data Devices 56-Mass 81-Security Devices
2-Analytical Beams 30-Detail Items 57-Materials 82-Shaft Openings
3-Analytical Braces 31-Doors 58-Mechanical Equipment 83-Sheets
4-Analytical Columns 32-Duct Accessories 59-MEP Fabrication Containment 84-Site
5-Analytical Floors 33-Duct Fittings 60-MEP Fabrication Ductwork 85-Spaces
6-Analytical Foundation Slabs 34-Duct Insulations 61-MEP Fabrication Hangers 86-Specialty Equipment
7-Analytical Isolated Foundations 35-Duct Linings 62-MEP Fabrication Pipework 87-Sprinklers
8-Analytical Links 36-Duct Placeholders 63-Nurse Call Devices 88-Stairs
9-Analytical Nodes 37-Duct Systems 64-Parking 89-Structural Area Reinforcement
10-Analytical Spaces 38-Ducts 65-Parts 90-Structural Beam Systems
11-Analytical Surfaces 39-Electrical Circuits 66-Pipe Accessories 91-Structural Columns
12-Analytical Wall Foundations 40-Electrical Equipment 67-Pipe Fittings 92-Structural Connections
13-Analytical Walls 41-Electrical Fixtures 68-Pipe Insulations 93-Structural Fabric Areas
14-Areas 42-Entourage 69-Pipe Placeholders 94-Structural Fabric Reinforcement
15-Assemblies 43-Fire Alarm Devices 70-Pipes 95-Structural Foundations
16-Cable Tray Fittings 44-Flex Ducts 71-Piping Systems 96-Structural Framing
17-Cable Tray Runs 45-Flex Pipes 72-Planting 97-Structural Path Reinforcement
18-Cable Trays 46-Floors 73-Plumbing Fixtures 98-Structural Rebar
19-Casework 47-Furniture 74-Project Information 99-Structural Rebar Couplers
20-Ceilings 48-Furniture Systems 75-Railings 100-Structural Stiffeners
21-Columns 49-Generic Annotations 76-Ramps 101-Structural Trusses
22-Communication Devices 50-Generic Models 77-Rebar Shape 102-Switch System
23-Conduit Fittings 51-Grids 78-Roads 103-Telephone Devices
24-Conduit Runs 52-HVAC Zones 79-Roofs 104-Topography
25-Conduits 53-Levels 80-Rooms 105-Views
26-Curtain Panels 54-Lighting Devices   106-Walls
27-Curtain Systems 55-Lighting Fixtures   107-Windows
28-Curtain Wall Mullions     108-Wires



  1. Select from 2 options to search the currently selected elements or all elements of the specified category in the entire project.
  2. Enter the text to be found.
  3. Enter the replacing text.

Tags don't hold text but read the parameter's value of their host element. To change a Tag value, change the host element's parameter value.

License info:

- a Pay-Once License.

- an unlimited number of machines for companies.

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Version 2.1, 09/09/2020
Support Revit Versions up to 2021

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