ArtisGL OBJ Exporter

ArtisGL OBJ Exporter

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This plugin requires ArtisGL 3D Publisher to be present on the user's Windows 10 PC. The plugin allows the user to export Autodesk® Revit® scenes directly to ArtisGL. In addition, the user can export .OBJ file with materials.

For older Windows versions (Windows 7, Window 8) the plugin can be used to export .OBJ files only.

About ArtisGL

Create, render, share, print and publish 3D content over the world. ArtisGL is a powerful real-time rendering engine which produces various presentation-ready results. You can render in real-time, publish to WebGL, promote for free, animate, share, and print your 3D scenes and models. All content is Virtual Reality ready. 


This product supports the following output targets.


·         Publishing Web and mobile ready interactive scenes (WebGL)

·         Video exporting with SD/HD/FullHD resolution

·         High resolution image processing (Add-on required)

·         High resolution 360 panorama exporting (Add-on required)

·         3D Printing

·         Virtual Reality ready content creation


Download ArtisGL 3D Publisher from Windows 10 Store

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Version 1.1.0, 02/08/2019
Revit 2020 Support Level of details option for 3D quality/file size optimization

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