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AutoCT is shorthand for Automatic Containment sizing. 

Our Autodesk® Revit® add-in automatically routes electrical circuits from start to endpoint along cable tray routes and automatically checks the containment size.


How does the software work?

Using filters created in the model, the software finds the nearest appropriate cable containment to both the start and end of the circuit and finds the path between them. 

The cable sizes, cable types, configuration, spacing, etc. can be imported from the model or entered in our cable schedule. 

The software gathers the calculated results and displays a 3D view of the fill factors for each containment - easily showing problem areas.


Key Features:

  • The calculation is fast and can easily update with circuit or model changes.
  • The software models circuits as accurately as possible - with options for different wire types, circuit configurations, grouping, and methods of support.
  • Works with unconnected cable tray networks - The software can find the nearest appropriate cable tray type and continue its calculations.
  • Error checking is built-in - unconnected networks, zero diameter circuits, circuits with no panels, circuits with no filters, etc.
  • Update Circuit Path Features automatically re-routes the Revit circuit path to follow the cable trays
  • Check cable bending radius creates a 3D view of all the cable tray fittings in the model and checks there are no tight corners!
  • Check weight loading outputs a 3D view of the cable containment weight throughout the model in order to verify the weight vs. structural design


Coming Soon:

Lots of features are on the way. Please get in touch to see what's upcoming and promote the features you want to see!

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Version 1.2.0, 10/05/2020
AutoCT Version 1.2 – May 2020 Release It’s been a busy few months! Thanks for your interest in AutoCT, See below list of updates. Latest Features: • Revit 2021 compatibility • Update Revit Circuit Paths – automatically update the circuit path in Revit to follow containment routes. o Circuit Length added to the Review and Export sections • Check cable tray fitting bending radius – calculation added and button to create a 3D view • Check cable tray weight loading – calculation added and button to create a 3D view • Progress bar added – see the status of the calculation process, also cancel at anytime • Minor visual fixes ------------------- AutoCT Version 1.1 – Feb 2020 Release Latest Features: • Excel Import/ Export – You can now export circuit information and update within excel - Managing cable sizes just got easier! • Greatly improved searching algorithm for unconnected cable trays and ladders • Improved data entry in the circuit information user interface • Improved multi monitor and support for different visual scales More updates coming soon. Get in touch for what you want to see. ------------------- AutoCT Version 1.0 – Dec 2019 Release This is the first release of AutoCT! We're delighted to be able to release this software. Some of the main features for this first release include: • Create Filters for sizing containment • Manage Circuits in our Circuit Viewer • Manage Wire Types in the Wire Type Tab • Calculate routes for all the containment in the model • View results in 3D Lots of new features on the way. Please keep an eye out for upcoming releases and get in touch to promote what you want to see!

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    Gianfranco Palumbo | décembre 28, 2019

    Great app