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This add-in is intended for use with the Innobrix platform.


The Innobrix Add-in for Autodesk® Revit® is the accompanying add-in for users of the Innobrix web platform, an interactive platform allowing construction companies to easily provide an interactive, three-dimensional house purchasing experience. 


The add-in is used to export BIM geometry for use in the online platform as lightweight, web-compatible geometry for creating a highly interactive user experience, as well as looping back to Revit to generate the same house, or even blocks at a time, based on the end consumer’s wishes and demands.


New: generate Innobrix-compatible housing without all the hassle

Introducing the Option Generator, this version of the add-in is now able to generate housing for usage on the Innobrix platform using only parameter information, instead of having to modify your document to comply with standards. Use Model Groups for individual sections, fill the parameters to your liking and you're good to go. Refer to the online documentation to learn more.


Export your houses into lightweight, web-compatible geometry for the Innobrix platform

Quickly and easily export your houses into small packaged files, compatible with Innobrix.


Let consumers play with their future homes - rebuild that home in just a few clicks

Convert a consumer’s direct thoughts into a fully realized house within mere minutes, saving you loads of time setting up their perfect house.

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Version, 08/07/2024
This update contains the following changes, fixes and improvements: - Revit 2025 support - Fastly simplified publisher export, now all it takes is pressing a button - Completely new export logic that should fix all the issues with geometry being misplaced - Floor parameter has been removed and will not be added anymore in newly prepared files - Files can be prepared as many times as you'd like, this should help if parameters are deleted by accident - Support for linked files on export only - Small bugfix for linked files

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