Drag Drop Interface 2020

Drag Drop Interface 2020

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The Software.

  • Is intended to simplify “content load and insert” into Autodesk® Revit® models.
  • Combines drag and drop from “Project Browser” with “Load Family” from Revit ribbon into one interface.
  • Features content list filter and sorting functions. Filter settings are stored between sessions.
  • Features memory buttons with your stored filter settings.
  • Features memory buttons with your stored favorite content folders.
  • Displays preview image and selected content data.


The Interface.

  • Topmost you will find the “info area”. This area holds the family preview image and selected content data. In the info area you will also find five memory buttons (Filter 1 - Filter 5) allowing you to quickly store and retrieve five different filter settings.
  • Below the info area you will find the “in model family types” list. This list initially displays all in model present family types. This list is updated when opening a Revit model. It is recommended that you filter this list to show only the Revit family categories relevant for your design work.
  • Next is a thick list separator line. Drag up and down to adjust the list sizes.
  • The lower list, the “content folder area”, is intended to display family content in your favorite content folders. Initially this list holds a few sample cupboard symbols you are free to use, modify and distribute as you please.
  • The bottom area holds folder selection button and programmable memory buttons for your favorite content folder paths.


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Version 2020.19.08.23, 06/09/2019
NEW: When selecting a face- or workplane-based family from the "in model family type list", option buttons for face or workplane based placement are displayed. You can try this using the included face- or workplane-based sample family. Memory button layout is changed. Folder list drop down is replaced by 5 memory buttons.

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