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This application contains 4 tools for families parameters as below:

Find and Replace Text in Parameters

This tool is designed to find and replace text or parts of a text in parameters - whether it’s a built-in parameter or a shared parameter.  

This tool only works for instance parameters, the storage type of the parameters must be text.


Copy/ Combine (Text Parameters)

This tool is designed to copy text parameters data between Autodesk® Revit® elements. It also can combine text parameter information from more than one parameter and join it in another text parameter additionally, and it can add separators between the combined text parameter data. The tool can also copy text parameters data between different Revit categories.


Parameters Text Case

The tool is designed to modify the text case for the parameter's text value in Revit.

This function will enhance working with text in Revit and it will help the user to change the text case for the “Parameters text value” to be Upper case, Lower case, Sentence case, and Title Case.


Batch Apply Shared Parameters from a .txt file

The tool is designed to batch apply shared parameter from the text file.

The tool will save a lot of time and enhance Revit file performance.

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