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Naviate Core/MEP/Fabrication

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BIMrx has now transitioned into the Naviate product line, same great products but now we can offer your firm a wider range of products for your industry.

We built Naviate to enhance and simplify Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® BIM 360®. Each of the modules is purpose built to allow you to get projects out the door faster and spend less time on low level tasks and more time focused on Design. Naviate Core, MEP, and Fabrication are built to be a part of  Revit. Naviate is built to streamline the entire BIM project lifecycle from views and model production to collaborating with stakeholders and project administration.


Naviate Core  is focused on project setup, model management, and documentation. With powerful commands and features that integrate with excel, project teams can create custom workflows that work for the entire team. Naviate Core automates those manual, repetative tasks so that your teams can spend their time on the things that matter most. From setting up the views in your project, to managing excel data, to tagging your drawings, and creating print sets, Naviate Core is built to work throught your entire project lifecyle. 


Naviate MEP is a major assist to MEP drafters and modelers with its re-imagined set of commands and features, allowing Revit users to design, coordinate, and connect more seamlessly. The user is empowered to circumvent many of the common time-sinks and typical setup required to perform relative tasks and design in both 2D and namely 3D; saving the modeler hundreds upon hundreds of tedious clicks throughout the modeling process.


Naviate Fabrication makes moving from CAD MEP to Revit FAB seamlessly, allowing users to quickly and powerfully manipulate their BIM data to produce proper fabrication detailing with features such as advanced modeling commands, hanger and sleeve placement, BOM and spool creation, renumbering and tagging, total station points, and more.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version, 17/03/2023
The v3.3 release of Naviate® for Revit highlights the following features: A rebrand from BIMrx to Naviate. A new license portal which gives users access to manage all Naviate licenses.

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  • I am interested in acquiring the licence
    Kautsky Hitlier Neira De La Cruz | mars 18, 2023 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    I am interested in acquiring the licence, please write to my email, please.

  • Essential to Speeding Up Production!
    Chris Fercho | novembre 15, 2021

    I am happy we finally get to share the tools we have been using internally over the years to help our teams work with Clients to meet their deadlines!