Building Management System BMS

Building Management System BMS

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Building Management System (BMS)


Building Management System plug-in helps to develop a new BMS option for Autodesk® Revit® 2024version. 

Plug-in Options

The plug-in consists of four options as follows:

  1. Loading of the local control panel (LCP) which is the BMS main Panel.
  2. BMS devices connection to BMS LCP.
  3. Checking missing BMS devices connected to the system.
  4. Exporting LCP to Excel Sheet.


Loading local control panel (LCP)

Loading BMS LCP as a fixed plug-in family. Load, and modify as user-preferred names.

BMS devices connection to BMS LCP

Loading any user general Family outside the plug-in which can be connected to BMS, where Revit families are permitted to connect to BMS can be listed as follows:

  1. Plumbing Equipment
  2. Mechanical Control Devices
  3. Lighting Devices
  4. Fire Alarm Devices
  5. Data Devices
  6. Communication Devices
  7. Security Devices
  8. Nurse Call Devices
  9. Telephone Devices
  10. Plumbing Fixtures
  11. Mechanical Equipment
  12. Electrical Fixtures
  13. Signage
  14. Audio-visual Devices
  15. Fire Protection
  16. Medical Equipment
  17. Electrical Equipment
  18. Zone Equipment
  19. Mechanical Equipment Set
  20. Generic Model
  21. Fixtures


Connecting loaded devices to the BMS option

  1. Users can select single or multiple devices by mouse and then click finish
  2. Connect device Window appears, in which the user can configure the device's Binary input, Binary output, analog input, analog output, and Software integration technique then choose the connected LCP.
  3. Users can see each LCP by its Revit ID
  4. The user repeats connect device option, user can see all user-saved inputs

Checking project all BMS unconnected devices

  1. Now, the User can check the project on all BMS unconnected devices and can be connected to BMS from option 3.
  2. Users can select a device and select Go to Option to locate the device directly from the plug-in Window.
  3. Users can connect any BMS unconnected device to LCP using option 3.


Finally, the User can use option 4 to export all project LCP to Excel Files

Exported files are copied directly into the project directory, named with LCP name and ID.

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Version 1.01.2024, 13/10/2023
Revit 2024 version.

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