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General Bundle

Boost your Autodesk® Revit® toolbox with innovative tools designed to reduce design times by eliminating inefficient tasks while enhancing quality and increasing profitability. Quickly edit parameters in bulk, duplicate and flip families, match the location of tags and parameters, unhide elements, and more with the General Bundle.


Electrical Bundle

The Electrical Bundle will not only save clicks and increase efficiencies but will also provide a quality control check with linked equipment throughout the design. This set provides a path to standardize processes in circuiting and trade coordination between other engineering trades.


Mechanical Bundle

Enhance quality, eliminate workflow redundancies, and improve design and construction coordination with the Mechanical Bundle. These tools enable you to create isometric views in bulk and quickly match elevations of ductwork, piping, and sloped piping.


Model Management Bundle

Model managers now have a quick and easy system to correctly set up levels, views, and sheets with the Model Management Bundle. Our standardized workflows result in improved quality and reduced model setup time.


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Version 35211, 05/04/2024
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  • Made by Revit Users
    John Lann | mars 12, 2024

    These tools were made by active daily revit users and that is very clear based on the functionality of these tools. These help with quality, efficiency and management of design and modeling. Model setup is extremely efficient with the model manager toolset, allowing us to set up large 100+ sheet models in a matter of minute as opposed to hours.

  • Nice Videos.
    Steve Millbourn | février 27, 2024

    It is great to have video documentation.

  • Use these everyday!
    Kathryn Lemler | février 27, 2024

    My favorites are Flip (allows you to flip multiple families across their individual midpoints), Match (great tool for matching tags and parameters), and Why Not Visible (can't figure out what you can't see something in a view, this will tell you!)

  • Great tool set!
    Patrick Fernbach | février 05, 2024

    Has great functionality including helping with modeling and bulk parameter editing. One of my favorities is Duplicate. It takes Autodesk's copy and create similar and combines them, but will also duplicate the tag with the element as well.