Revision + Cloud Manager

Revision + Cloud Manager

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Smart manage revisions, clouds, and sheets.


Revision Cloud Manager:

  • Automatically find the corresponding sheet and detail number.
  • Export to Excel schedule.
  • Edit and update clouds in real-time.
  • Shows who is the last editor of a revision cloud. (need to install End User Assistant)
  • Minimize hours + check for drafting mistakes.
  • It only requires one person to install. Others use the "Comments" property for information input.


Revision Manager:

  • Manage sheets based on revisions.
  • Batch assigns revisions to sheets
  • Batch remove revisions from sheets.
  • Save sheets as print sets.
  • Export sheet list with revision schedules to an Excel file.

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Version 1.24.0, 07/11/2023
- Support Autodesk® Revit® 2024

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  • Revit 24
    Corey Black | novembre 03, 2023 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Will this plug-in be available for Revit 24?

    Liyi Zhu (Editeur) | novembre 08, 2023

    It's here.

  • Hats off to David ;-)
    Arthur Duguay | août 16, 2023 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Still working perfeclty. Help a lot to keep control of projects. I recommand to anyone who need to keep track of his revision cloud.

  • Update: Is Perfect!!
    Francisco Perez | mai 13, 2019 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    In the "Manage-Revisions" please add that we can select an already created print-set (or the sheets in that print-set). Is the only thing missing and the app will be the perfect solution we were looking for years!! Please add.

    Update: The developer just added as requested and I have no other concerns. This app is simply PERFECT. Thanks a lot!

    Liyi Zhu (Editeur) | juin 04, 2019

    Hi Francisco, glad that you liked the addin. The feature you are asking will be incorporated in the next release. Thanks for your great idea!

  • Excellent tool !!
    Patrice Gallay | avril 25, 2018 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Excellent tool!!

    I have to manage a model with about 2000 sheets and this tool saves me a lot of time! sheet selection, to change revision by batch, then to make printing sets, etc... TOP!

    Maybe it's missing in the window:

    - display of the number of selected sheets (when Selected revision(s) is used) for quick control

    - a filter to display the selected sheets (by a checkbox) for a quick control as well.


    Excellent outil !!

    J'ai à gérer une maquette avec 2000 feuilles environs et cet outil me fait gagner un temps fou! la sélection de feuilles, pour changer de révision par lot, puis pour en faire des jeux d'impression, etc... TOP!

    Il manque peut-être dans le fenêtre:

    - l'affichage du nombre de feuilles sélectionnées (quand Selected révision(s) est utilisée) pour un contrôle rapide

    - un filtre d'affichage des feuilles sélectionnées (par une case à cocher) pour un contrôle rapide également.

  • Easiest way to track revisions
    David Hoffman | avril 11, 2018 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    this is a great tool for scheduling revision clouds. Its really easy to use and the developer is extremely helpful. 10/10, this should be standard in revit 

  • Great Tool!
    Blake Harrison | septembre 08, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    This is a great tool! I would love to be able to add a filter for clouds that I do not want to include in the export, but adding an X to the comment field helps me delete them once I have exported.

  • Saved hours of work!
    David Lindsey | août 25, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Easy to use. Purchased for 20 users. Paid for all twenty in the first half hour after downloading.

  • Great Tool!
    Manuel Roman | mai 12, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    I initially had issues with the trial version, which I wanted to test before purchasing, but David, the developer, was extremely helpful and available via email to try and resolve the issues. After some back and forth I got it working and it works perfectly. It'll save me multiple hours of coordination and digging through drawings as this extension provides a very clean, organized and exportable list of clouds and revisions. I highly recommend it for those needing to keep track of revisions, which should be everyone...

  • A Great Project Management Tool
    Michael Wolff | avril 14, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    I spent all morning searching for a way to do exactly what this app does, it is a great way to keep track of revision clouds, especially when working on a large project with a lot of changes. This plugin will save me many hours and headaches. Also, the plugin initially didn't work on my machine, and David, the developer, emailed back and forth with me over the course of an afternoon (even letting me download the full version to test it before purchasing) to help me getting it working. Ultimately, I just had to restart my machine. Highly recommended.

  • Simple & Straightforward
    Brian Carstensen | janvier 17, 2017 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Great tool for tracking and keeping revision clouds "live" This should be included standard with Revit.