Export multiple sheets to one DWG file

Export multiple sheets to one DWG file

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At present, when exporting from Autodesk® Revit® to DWG, each sheet is exported as a separate file, therefore, if you want one single DWG with all drawings and sheets, it has to be combined manually or by importing each layout in CAD. This Add-in will make your work easier to export with the help of these two tools:

1. Sheet to 1 DWG tool: Export multiple sheets (using your sheets set) to one DWG file, with all drawings in the model tab and sheets in the layout tab. You can also use your export settings or default settings Revit.

2. Views to sheet tool: Place multiple views (using your view set) into one sheet, then you can export the sheet to the DWG file.

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Version 1.3.0, 13/09/2021
1. Now, the add-in can export vertical sheet name or number 2. Improve performance

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  • Great
    Pham Khai | septembre 03, 2021

    good app

  • Good APP
    Nguyen Trung | août 30, 2021

    thanks you

    vitoria almeida | août 19, 2021

    Sempre foi um problema não ter como manter todas as folhas do revit em um só arquivo dwg