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Design Master Electrical RT expands the electrical design features in Autodesk® Revit®.


One-Line Riser Diagrams: Create a one-line riser diagram in a drafting view that is linked to your Revit model. Customize the graphics to match your current one-line diagram style. Keep your one-line diagram synchronized with the rest of your project as your design changes.


Feeder Sizing: Size feeders automatically based upon the upstream overcurrent protection for a piece of electrical equipment. You have complete control of the chosen feeder size and can override it when necessary.  


Branch Circuit Sizing: Size branch circuit breakers and wire sizes automatically based upon the connected load. You have complete control of the breaker and wire size and can override it when necessary.


Fault Calculations: Calculate available fault current for each piece of electrical equipment. The calculated fault current can be used to set the AIC rating for the device. 


Voltage Drop Calculations: Calculate voltage drop between each piece of electrical equipment. Feeders that exceed the maximum 3% voltage drop allowed can be easily resized. 


Arc-Flash Calculations: Calculate arc-flash at each piece of electrical equipment. An arc-flash schedule can be created that displays the calculated values. Arc-flash warning labels can be printed to be put on devices in the field.


Selective Coordination: Assign time-current curves to breakers in your project. Display the time-current curves on a drafting view for selective coordination.


Design Master Electrical RT is available for purchase on our website for $600 / year. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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The download is a free 30-day trial. The software is fully functioning during that time. Contact us if you need additional time to try the software. We realize you have actual billable work to do and 30 days can go by fast.

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Version 2.1.1, 02/05/2023
A complete list of release notes is available on our website.

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  • Makes all the electrical calculation transparent and easy the check
    Michael Huang | septembre 11, 2023

    Designmaster supercharge revit and makes all the distribution calculation transparent and easiy to check.  We've been using Designmaster RT for years the product continue to improved and new feature continued to be added.  The best part is the support you get, no other electrical software can even get close.

  • Very Good Electrical Design Tool for Revit
    Patrick Knoll | septembre 11, 2023

    Provides very good electrical design functions that are not available with the standard Revit package. Design Master Electrical RT developers understand the needs of electrical designers and the workflow required to develop designs. They are always improving the product and provide excellent support. It can take some time to customize settings and graphics but it is well worth it to intgrate single-line diagrams, short circuit and voltage drop calculations, along with schedules.

  • Automated Production Tools
    Matthew Pross | septembre 08, 2023

    Design Master RT has saved my company a ton of time by automating voltage drop calculations and providing the data in an easy to view schedule. Utilizing the Riser Diagram tools in RT has reduced errors, and made our process more repeatable!

  • Design Master RT One Line
    Wayne Boyd | août 12, 2023

    I love everything about this. It is a big upgrade from previous. I especially like the way the Single Line commands work now.

  • Best thing since sliced bread
    Nick Whitchurch | juillet 24, 2023

    I used the original Design Master for ACAD years ago and then I stopped using it when Revit became our primary design software. After years of using standard Revit, we decided to utilize Design Master for Revit and it is a game changer. This software addon greatly reduces simple mistakes that can cost your projects thousands of dollars and tons of man hours of wasted time. Prior to utilizing DM for Revit, we were using a combination of excel for calculations on AIC and voltage drop, standard detail lines for riser diagrams, and standard Revit "dumb" panel schedules. With DM software, this is all taken care of in a neat little package. I can tell you that if you are on the fence, it will be completely worth your time and effort to learn the software. Take the plunge. You will not regret it.

  • Revolutionizing Electrical Design in Revit: A Game-Changing Tool!
    Zachary Cowan | juin 20, 2023


    Design Master Electrical RT for Revit is a remarkable plugin that enhances electrical design capabilities. It offers features like effortless creation of one-line riser diagrams, automatic feeder and branch circuit sizing, fault and voltage drop calculations, arc-flash analysis, and selective coordination. This tool has revolutionized my workflow, saving time, ensuring accuracy, and promoting compliance. Highly recommended for electrical designers and engineers using Revit. It's a game-changer!

  • Much Needed Tool for Electrical Design in Revit
    Greg Terrell | juin 06, 2023

    If you've used Revit at all, you'll notice some things it does very well and some things it's lacking in functionality.  When it comes to electrical design, there are things that you need to take into consideration such as feeder/conduit sizing, short circuit calc's, coordination, etc., that are either difficult to implement or you just can't do in Revit.  DM Electrical RT fills in all the gaps and adds some pretty awesome features.  Things like connected "smart" one line diagrams, coordination studies with TCC's, plus all of out-of-the-box calculations that we need to perform on every project make this an awesome and powerful tool to use.

    DM Electrical uses it's own set of shared parameters that you can then tap into and use to display required information to match your company standards or your clients standards.  What used to be done with either Excel spreadsheets or custom calculations using Dynamo or some other method can now be done right in Revit with this software.

    There are some items that might cause some growing pains when you start using the software.  Much of what we found was getting the correct workflow down which was different than what we were used to.  But once you have that down, you'll be glad you installed the software.

    Product support is also something that is invaluable.  Not only is Design Master looking for ways to improve workflow and the program, but they are open to take suggestions and implement them and they are very responsive when you have any questions or issues.  They are also providing regular product updates that either refines existing functionality or adds new.

    Bottom line, I highly recommend this software.  


  • Excellent and time saving tool.
    Goldina Eben | mars 22, 2023

    This is a great tool! I love to use DM Autocad and DM Revit. Both the tools are helpful and time saving. These tools generate one line diagram, and calculates breaker size, wire size, voltage drop, AIC and Arc flash automatically. Should appreciate DM team. This team responds and resolves our queries immediately, within minutes. 


  • Absolutely essential for anyone serious about electrical design in Revit.
    Brian Muir | mars 22, 2023

    My only regret about DesignMaster is that I didn't know about it sooner. It's an essential part of our workflow. Automatic breaker sizing, wire sizing, fault calculation, voltage drop, holy cow! One line integrated to the model is great for large projects but we still find it slightly clumsy and usually just draft out simple one lines. 

    Their customer support is off the chart - I've received next day patches in response to feature request!

  • Fills in the gaps
    Cory Murphy | mars 21, 2023

    Out of the box Revit does a lot of EE calcs incorrectly and in a lot of cases not at all. This tool is super helpful to fill in the gaps. I reccomed it.

  • Great Time Saver
    Ed Bitterman | mars 08, 2023

    I love using DM. Huge time saver and really easy to use once you get familiar with the user interface

  • Great Tool for Electrical Design in Revit
    Vernon Musser | février 28, 2023 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    This is a great tool Revit Electrical! It took a little time to learn, but I would not want to do without it. What attracted me at first was the riser diagram feature. The feeder sizes on the riser diagram can now be linked with sizes in the model when before they had to be changed manually. It also has much more, like printing out arc flash stickers and coordinating breaker settings on breakers.

  • Great enhancement for Electrical capabilites in Revit
    Luke Leindecker | janvier 05, 2023

    Design master is easy to navigate and use inside the Revit application. The advantages over base Revit are many, with voltage drop, automatic sizing and more user friendly circuiting to name a few. The find circuit feature is a personal favorite to locate a circuit in a large project. Overall, our firm greatly enjoys design master and its capabilites. The customer support is great and we look forward to what features the design master team is going to release next!

  • The missing piece
    Jill FitzSimons | avril 20, 2022

    I was a huge fan of DM Electrical for AutoCAD, but with more and more clients moving to Revit, it was hard to do what we did in AutoCAD / DM Electrical with just Revit alone. Out of the box Revit is clunky and incomplete. DM-RT add-in completes what Revit is unable to accomplish. With easy tree form in the panel dialog box, it is easy to see the different connections. Just Revit alone you work blindly. Also, the feeder schedules, additional parameters, fault calculations, and voltage drop calculations are crucial to providing my client a complete and reliable product. Thank you Design Master for making my job easier and faster!

  • Don't attempt Electrical Revit without it.
    Rob Pennell | avril 20, 2022

    I have been using DM Electrical for CAD for years now. Starting with Revit, it was basically unusable without Design Master. Design Master is a solution that pulls together the design without a lot of manual entry. We have been using the riser diagram feature it easily updates the oneline as the design progresses. You need this add-in for your electrical projects.

  • Speed and Accuracy
    Mark Tiner | avril 20, 2022

    This product has increased our sppe and accuracy. This is Revit should have done in the first place.

  • The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Revit for EE's
    Katherine McKeever | août 02, 2021

    I'm hooked and I don't ever want to design without it. 

  • Design Master Makes Revit Usable in The Design Build Market
    Robert Wilson | juillet 30, 2021

    With learning about Design Mastgers calculating load ability and being able to get everything connected together made the design process really easy, then with making the switch to Revit and finding out that Revit could not do the very basic things that Design Master would left you wondering if the switch was worth it even though the 3D drawing process was much easier in Revit. As Design Master started to to evolve towards Revit you could start to see the great parts of both programs coming together to make the design process getting as easy in Revit as it was in AutoCAD, but you get the ability to get all schedules being updated as you make changes, no more having to wait on everything to do recals on every change.

  • Making Revit work for You
    Mark Kostroun | juillet 12, 2020 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)


    Design Master Electrical RT takes all the things you would expect Revit to do and actually does them. Sophisticated feeder sizing, breaker sizing, short circuit calculations, dynamic circuit descriptions, one lines, etc. Before Electrical RT it was frustrating to have all this information in the model but not being used by Revit to automate tedious tasks.

    A must have for anyone serious about leveraging all the analytical information that is just sitting in Revit unused otherwise.


  • Makes Revit Electrical Usable
    Bryan Zapf | juin 05, 2020

    As many of us know, the Building Suite from Autodesk takes a lot of financial resources throughout the year to support and maintain profitability.  Fortunately, Design Master gives us significant leverage and the ability to harness the power of Revit while completing our design in a more timely manner.  Our client base wants everything completed quicker and quicker.  Design Master helps us do that.  Many of our projects return with changes from either the Client or Architect.  Design Master is wonderful for not only producing a better power design in Revit but dealing with frequent changes in a more timely manner.  We cannot thank Dave and his team for prompt responses, timely support, professionalism and wonderful tutorials and upgrades.  We look forward to the new releases which will enhance the software and its capablities even more.  We cannot say enough about Design Master and highly recommend it to Revit MEP Engineers/Designers. Thank you.  

  • Design Master Electrical RT - An Essential Tool for Electrical Design
    Janice DuBois | avril 16, 2020

    I was introduced to Design Master for AutoCAD in 2008. Using this software in AutoCAD became so second-nature, that our engineering department resisted a transition to using Revit MEP. With the advent of Design Master Electrical RT, I feel more comfortable and confident that my calculations are correct. Admittedly, I am still exploring the features it has to offer, but those I currently appreciate the most are the panel and circuit editing features, and the fact that I can trust the breaker sizes that populate panel schedules. When I have questions regarding the software, Design Master’s support team is incredibly responsive and helpful. I can’t imagine producing our designs without Design Master RT.

  • Excellent and Powerful!
    Shawn Sullivan | avril 16, 2020

    Its to the point where I would not work at a firm that did not utilize DisignMaster Revit. Either that or I would puchase it myself. It is that helpful and time saving!

  • Great Electrical Engineering tool for Revit
    Jesus Alvarez | janvier 22, 2020

    Design Master saves us time by including some of the most common calculations we do right into Revit. It gathers information within Revit to help us with voltage drop calculations and preliminary short circuit studies for the whole project. The support team is knowledgeable and responsive as well.

  • An excellent daily-use tool for electrical Revit projects
    Norman Fisher | janvier 07, 2020

    Design Master Electrical RT is an essential and daily tool for me to produce electrical projects with Revit.  It is very useful for component instance editing, schedule creation and circuit editing.  I find it very useful and time-saving for automatically producing and updating One-Line diagrams.  It also provides me with many options that allow me to customize project parameters and outputs based on my clients' requirements.  Design Master's software support is also amongst the best I have encountered.  I highly recommend this product.

  • Time Saver and Coordination Tool in AutoCAD
    Azim Rawji | juin 12, 2019

    This add-in is an absolute necessity for AutoCAD and Revit electrical design. We have been using DM electrical since 2006, the software enable you to circuit devices, automatically populates panel schedules, sizes circuit breakers and one-line diagrams. Calculates photometrics, voltage drop, AIC and arc flash. It is completely customizable. I highly recommend it for speed and accuracy for electrical design.

  • Electrical Engineering enabled in Revit
    Gary Edgington | juin 12, 2019

    Having been an avid user of Design Master for CAD for 18 years, I am delighted to see it coming into the REVIT world.  It provides so much automation to the tasks n REVIT calculations , one lines and so many other tasks that have been overlooked in REVIT.  If there is one tool that made my transisition to REVIT possible, it would be DesignMaster RT.  Without that, tool we would still be in the dark ages of REVIT based electrical design.  The company has a proven track record of listening to the needs of their users and providing regular updates and constant improvments with new features.  Customer support is outstanding in the rare case you may have an issue, both timely and effective.  This is one of the software add-ins that you look forward to getting the next update with more tools and functionality adding to an already impressive list for electrical design professionals.  Well worth the modest investment and definately adds that professional touch to your design.

  • Electrical Design in Revit is Even Better
    Martin Mixon | février 15, 2018

    • Electrical calculations within Revit, no Excel sheets needed. • Automate your calculations and panel schedules. • Superb customer service. • User friendly interface and set-up. I highly recommend using Design Master with Revit to enhance and speed up your design. With a little customization to your schedules, it becomes a great tool to put you ahead of the competition.

  • Enable real electrical engineering in Revit
    Travis Premo | janvier 26, 2018

    Simply put, we could not do our electrical work in Revit without this add-in. After years of workarounds and muddling through the built-in electrical functionality of Revit, we found Design Master Electrical RT and haven't looked back. It's got it all: accurate wire sizing, accurate voltage drop, automatic sizing of everything, a ton of customization, the ability to customize your electrical families themselves, a ton of shared parameters, and AUTOMATIC SINGLE LINE DIAGRAMS. This add-in has replaced nearly all of the parameters and automatic calculations of Revit in our office because it's more accurate, more robust, and more flexible. To top it all off, the software is affordable and the customer service is top notch. Design Master also is constantly adding features and they have a feature request voting system so you can see what's in the works. You must try it if you are trying to do any real electrical work in Revit.

  • Electrical Engineers can DO IT ALL WITHIN REVIT NOW
    David Scott | janvier 19, 2018

    My company has been using RT since it was first released to market a few years ago and it has matured into an essential application for electrical design. As far as our group of 12 is concerned, there is no other alternative that even begins to compare with the feature set and convenience that this application adds to Revit's functionality. DM wisely created parameters that allow the user to pull RT data from the distribution system right into any Revit schedule or panel schedule which has allowed my team to use this already extremely powerful software package in even more ways than the description above. All of the project data generated by RT is stored in the Revit model so it is compatible with C4R (Revit in the Cloud) as well as Revit Server. Everything we need to be a more efficient, more productive design team are there...even the One Line Diagram - yes, it is finally complete, implemented and works incredibly well. This application is a no-brainer for electrical engineers. I am so glad that we invested in it when we did. Engineering calcs in Revit is a futile experience for EE's without it.

  • Finally a time saver for Revit
    Terry Jiracek | octobre 08, 2015

    If you are versed with Design Master for the Autocad side of Autodesk’s software the Revit version brings some much needed and very valuable tools from that software to the Revit table. The auto breaker sizing is a must for time saving as well as preventing in the field change order costs for the Revit default “20A” for all breakers that can sometimes slip though the final project back check. The ability to manually edit the breakers in the panels, base feeders and circuit sizes on calculated load is very useful. Also the ability to produce AIC calculations/ tables is a great checker for verifying panel values as well as real time voltage drop calculations that provide and quick back check real connected loads and distances. When the one- line portion of the program is available it will fill a very wide and much needed hole in Revit for electrical design.

  • A "Must Have" for Electrical design
    JAMES TATE | septembre 23, 2015 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    This app takes up where Revit leaves off. Once installed, you can work within the Revit application (no exporting values to a spreadsheet or other software) to automatically size breakers, calculate wire size, feeder voltage drop, Branch AIC and arc flash information. There are options for "manual entry or adjustment" for just about everything imaginable. DM Electrical is working on a "riser diagram" feature. This application seems to be in active development and the team working on this app is responsive and already has an established history of electrical design software for AutoCAD. We are very pleased. There is certainly room for improvement, but this takes Revit years ahead of where it is now.