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Autodesk® Revit® Tags are not allowed to read all Fab Parameter values. By creating Shared Parameters and assigning them to the MEP Fabrication Categories you can use the add-in to fill them with the Fabrication Part values.

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Versão 1.0.1, 13/09/2021
Initial release.

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  • Need to the plugin for Revit 2022& 2023
    Maniteja Sundara | junho 03, 2023 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Hi Engworks team,

    Is there anyposibility to have the plugin for Revit 2022& Revit 2023 version 

    Ron Barber | outubro 05, 2023

    just change the xml, works fine, i just wish it worked for containment..

  • Works on Fab Ductwork but does not appear to work with hangers
    Vincent Cadoret | novembro 30, 2021 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Would be even more useful if it worked with "MEP Fabrication Hangers"

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