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Bimmatch is about making your product and material selection much more efficient, easier, and smarter.


First, if you are Bimmatch's customer, you will be able to create your organization's standard of building specification, share it with anyone, and have it applied in the Revit model via this add-in.

The Organization Library of Standards, project management with qualification control and carbon-emission calculator, and many other features are all available for Bimmatch's customers in the online application.


Bimmatch also aims to provide you, an AEC professional, with accurate product and materials data, including green and sustainability values, and other useful specifications, to be easily applied to your project at any design phase. This is available and free to use within this add-in. Enjoy it!


The Bimmatch add-in enables you to source and match the right product and materials to your model and to apply the product directly to your model, in the following ways:

  1. Apply the data only from a product to a selected element (NO geometry changes)
  2. Apply a product model as a new item in the model
  3. Replace an existing element with a product model


The Bimmatch add-in is connected to a SaaS platform with BI tools that enable you to monitor a project on a large scale with various professionals, and automatically generate a Bill Of Materials.


Bimmatch also enables the SaaS users with an Organization Library of all Autodesk® Revit® families and items to be shared and easily managed across all the organization's projects.


Have a question? Want to hear more about Bimmatch online solution? Drop us an email at and we'll be back in on time.

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Versão, 07/12/2023
New in version 1. Within the Organization Library list - Two steps of 'Insert Data' - First, select the property to be added and then select the value of the property to be added. 2. Within the Organization Library list - Materials are shown with carbon emissions! 3. Selection of product Type - If a product has types, then the selected data in 'Insert Data' can be by specific type only Feel free to reach out to us for further information at

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  • Cloud Based Tool
    Mahadev Veerapandi | janeiro 18, 2023

    Best cloud based tool for BOM Generation and it has other good functionalities

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