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Available modules (version 2.0)

The application consists of several modules, which can be obtained separately. You can also go for the all-in-one license.


Go to for detailed information, and pdf files describing the functionality

Batch print enables you to send various sheets to multiple printers to create and maintain print profiles, apply these profiles to multiple sheets and stores these as selection sets.

Project upgrade enables you to select a folder with revit projects, templates and families, and upgrade them to the newest version

Copy element types Copy selected element types from other project files. Also has previews of element types.

Element data manager manage selection sets, store these sets in the current project/view. Export element data, import element data file from excel file, to update parameter values.

Library analyzer Helps you to analyze families (.rfa or project) and perform all kinds of checks on these families. Generate excel report. Purge unused data from families. Sort familes into folders of a specific kind. A must have tool for content builders!

Parameter editor enables you to create, modify, and delete (shared) family parameters, in batch mode. Also the actions performed on families can be saved in an .xml format so they can be applied again to a different set of families at a different time. It is a very powerful tool for companies who build their own content, the amount of time that can be saved is tremendous. 

Library browser is an intelligent family browser; you can search your libraries on various criteria. A sample library has been added to the installation folder, but obviously you can add your own library paths as well. Also enabled for WCF web services

Subcategory editor is similar to parameter editor and enables you to create, modify and delete subcategories in batch mode. Also the actions performed on families can be saved in an .xml format so they can be applied again to a different set of families at a different time.

Dynamic legends

Automatically create legend views with legend components of categories of your choice, with parameters of your choice


Generate assembly sheets for multiple element instances

Sheet configurator 

Configure multiple views on a single sheet, automatically view placement in predefined order 

Multi sheets

Generate sheets from views. You can select a set of views and a title block. Per view a sheet will be generated.

Sheet duplicate enables you to create one or more copies of the active sheet. You add a suffix to the name, and the desired number of copies.

...And some free extra goodies

Note: You can obtain a 10 days trial license for every individual module.

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Versão 2.1, 26/03/2020
Enabled for Revit 2021

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  • Great tools, especially for content builders
    Harrie vd Tillaert | março 01, 2016 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Tools that add to the already great Revit experience. Especially the content management features are great. Manipulating (family) parameters is so easy. Very good reporting facilities. Subcategory features are unique. Apart from that there are also some nice productivity tools, as someone stated, batch print saves an enormous amount of time if you are willing to spend a little time on how to use it. Very good value for money

  • Keep away at all costs!
    M V | janeiro 16, 2015 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    I just tried the Parameter Editor because I wanted to add the same shared parameter to ~100 families. When I tried to add the new parameter to my family files that's when the errorfest began. I could not understand it, because the text did not fit in the error dialog box. When I had closed all error boxes and with parameter editor window still open I noticed that the directory of my family files were empty now. So this program had DELETED ALL MY 50+ FAMILIES in this directory and its subdirectories, even those that were not selected!!! And they did not appear in my Recycle Bin either. Luckily I have set up the sync option with my server so I was able to restore my families from the server backup folder. Otherwise this piece of s... would have cost me months of hard work with these families! It's pretty hard to convince me to try this app again.

    Jeroen Van Vlierden (Fornecedor) | janeiro 16, 2015

    This issue has been reported by someone else and is fixed. Will be uploaded soon. You probably have more than one , in the familynames, like 'a.b.rfa' Instead of writing a review like this, you could have simply contacted me, describe what happened and I would have explained it and given you the patch which is already available.

    Jeroen Van Vlierden (Fornecedor) | janeiro 27, 2015

    1.3.1. release is now available, in which the issue is fixed.

  • very good tools with some unique capabilities.
    Helen Gorina | outubro 16, 2014 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Very helpful tools which have some unique features 1. reporting - clean usable report can be opened and filtered in excel 2. the only tool currently on the market for categories and subcategories. Also, it is nice to have a choice - work with families in the RVT file or with families in folders Interface and results are asy to use and understand. Great support and very attentive to suggestions - fast and thorough

  • Very useful tools
    Felipe Masid | setembro 26, 2014

    Good tools to save time and manage the parameters in your family libraries. Great feedback from the development team for bugs fixing as well as implement new features.

  • Very Good Value
    Mark Leasor | setembro 10, 2014 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    The Parameter Editor works great. The interface is nice and pretty intuitive to maneuver. It is very powerful, giving you the ability to set values and formulas to the parameters that are being edited. The ability to save sets of parameter changes for later use is great and works smoothly. Overall a very good value compared to other programs with similar functionality. You can purchase the tools individually as well. The tech support was quick to respond and attentive to feedback.

  • Nice tools for endusers
    Joost Hoornweg | julho 02, 2014 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Great set of tools for endusers of Revit. Especially the library tools are great. It is possible to enter and organise your own (excisting) library of Revit Families and parameters as well. Create and organise your sheets within the project file can be done in a few clicks.

  • Nice afforable everyday tools
    Systeem Beheerder | maio 25, 2014 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    A good set of working tools to make your Revit life a bit better. Some of what Autodesk Revit (vanilla) lacks is added by these tools. If you have to make printing sets containing a number of different formats Batch Print may save you a day a week! And working on family-parameters and -subcategories becomes a lot less tedious using the parameter- and subcategory editors. Programmer of the tools is very open to suggestions and bug reports.

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