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This plugin offers a seamless and direct integration between Autodesk® Revit® and PlanRadar. Providing an effortless way for architects and professionals in the construction sector to upload BIM/IFC files to PlanRadar without the need to open the PlanRadar application. By streamlining the workflow and removing the need to switch between applications, the plugin enhances productivity, saves time, and minimizes the risk of errors during data transfer. This direct integration empowers professionals to focus on the critical aspects of their projects while ensuring that the relevant information is readily available in PlanRadar for efficient project management, collaboration, and issue tracking.


Key Features:

  • Effortless Integration: Establish a direct link between Revit and PlanRadar, allowing for smooth data exchange without the need for manual exports or imports.
  • IFC File Uploads: Easily upload BIM models from Revit directly to PlanRadar in IFC format, eliminating the requirement to open the PlanRadar application separately.
  • Workflow Optimization: Minimize disruptions in your workflow by seamlessly incorporating PlanRadar functionalities within the Revit environment.



  • Enhanced Productivity: Eliminate redundant steps and focus on core design and construction tasks, resulting in increased project efficiency.
  • Improved Collaboration: Foster a more collaborative environment among team members by enabling easy sharing of models and information.
  • Real-time Project Updates: Keep project stakeholders informed with real-time progress updates directly from Revit.


Important Note: This plugin requires an active PlanRadar account for full functionality. 

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This plugin requires an active PlanRadar account for full functionality.
A 30-day free PlanRadar trial is available at

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Versão 1.1.0, 21/02/2024
Initial release - Direct BIM model uploads from Revit to PlanRadar - 2D(.dwg) plans uploads from Revit to PlanRadar (Revit 2022 and above)

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