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Protect your Autodesk® Revit® projects and deliver native project files with "dumb" geometry and copyright.


Project and Family Protection

CCdummy converts the Revit project into "dumb" geometry.

  • All model geometry and parameter content (type, instance) will be preserved.
  • Logical connections between parameter values and geometry will be deleted.

This "dumb" geometry can not be edited afterward and is safe to be sent to another person for collaboration without being in fear of losing your family know-how.


Copyright Protection

Add copyright to your project which will be hidden inside the document itself and also in the project information.


Additional purchase information

With the purchase of this version you automatically receive all the older available versions of the plugin. Example: If you purchase the 2019 version of this plugin you will get the 2018 and 2017 version for free!

To claim your free license reach to us on and we will send you your additional codes.

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Versão 1.4.106, 13/09/2021
Improvement of functionalities New functionalities added New UI

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