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eToolLCD is an intuitive, open-use, web-based, whole building life cycle assessment (LCA) and design software. Design focused and performance based, genuinely sustainable outcomes are made easy.

eToolLCD produces comprehensive reports complete with comparable sustainable building data with outputs compliant with international standards ISO 14044 and EN 15978. Nearly 4,000 users have analyzed thousands of projects across all industry sectors and all corners of the globe to identify and reduce environmental hot spots in their designs.


The eToolLCD for Autodesk® Revit® plugin:

  • Enables a fast component take-off
  • Allows users to match families with eToolLCD template library (no necessity to populate your families with materials information, inclusion of construction, maintenance, replacement and disposal impacts)
  • Will recognize and react to changes to your Revit model (changes in quantities, new or deleted components) after the initial import


eToolLCD is free for non-commercial use. Please see our licensing options for commercial projects (both per-project and subscription-based pricing available).


Sobre esta versão

Versão 6.1.0, 28/06/2022
Version 6.1.0: Added support for Revit 2022 & Revit 2023. Version 6.0.0: Improve handling of incorrect data types in family quantities. Version 5.0.0: Code signing and contextual help and bug fix for unexpected data types. Version 4.0.0: Bundle for Autodesk store. Version 3.0.0: Improved performance of very large Revit models. Version 2.0.0: Add simple progress messages to Revit Plugin "Update Design" action. Version 1.0.0: Log into eToolLCD from within Revit Link Designs Revit <> eToolLCD Export components from Revit Model to eToolLCD Match components with eToolLCD library templates in eToolLCD

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