Deviation nSpector - Compare Point Cloud Deviation

Deviation nSpector - Compare Point Cloud Deviation

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Quality Control (QC) is an essential phase of every project and there should be no stone unturned to ensure it is at 100%.  


What if you can automate your QC and reduce errors by up to 0% in your BIM models? 


Deviation nSpector is a one-of-its-kind plugin that allows for Deviation Analysis and Error Mapping for your point cloud.  This hassle-free plugin studies through your BIM models and identifies deviations to reduce manual errors in your QC. Deviation ranges can be configured after which analysis is done. On average, if a manual QC takes 60 minutes, with Deviation nSpector you can reduce it to 5-10 minutes. Using Deviation nSpector you can check the quality of your BIM model with 100% accuracy. 


nCircle being the first movers in automation for the AEC sector aims to create succinct systems that optimize the industry. Through Deviation nSpector, we are automating the process of Quality Assurance. Instead of a senior modeler doing the QC manually, by using Deviation nSpector you can negate or enhance this process for an error-free output. You can process selected section only as well as only the selected elements or only the visible elements.  

Do you want your BIM models to be 100% accurate? Does your team spend a lot of time in QC for BIM modeling? 

Deviation nSpector is the one for your team! 

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Versão 2.0.0, 22/02/2024
Added new feture where user can check the quality (QC) of only selected elements or the selected section. Also user can analyse linked model. These is the optimized version with fast processing.

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