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Family Type Manager Standard

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Family Type Manager Standard is an Autodesk® Revit® family data management system for Revit users, content creators and manufacturers. The Excel application was purpose-built to automate many of the time-consuming tasks related to updating and creating Revit family content. 


The program bi-directionally imports and exports Revit family data with Excel for the management of Type Catalogs and Lookup Tables


The Standard version includes: Type Catalog Manager & Editor, Lookup Table Manager & Editor, and the document management workspace Scratch Pad. 


A separate PRO version is available for purchase that also includes: Type Builder which generates up to 1 million unique combinations of family types in a matter of seconds, Parameter Builder which generates all 740 Revit parameter types for creating column headers, and Unit of Measure Converter for bulk conversions between imperial and metric of up to 5 million values.


An amazing part about Family Type Manager is that it works with any Revit version Year and Language!  Revit families and project files can also remain open during editing for real-time rapid testing and deployment during content creation.


You also do not require Revit to edit content.  This allows teams to easily share Excel data files with any other personnel or customer.


With Family Type Manager quickly update Type Catalog and Lookup Table values and parameters, use rules to name your family types, link family data with external data sources, run error checking before importing into Revit, and bulk converts your content to different languages and units of measurement values, generate single, multi or full list Type Catalogs, create Master Type Catalogs and Lookup Tables, share data with other non-Revit users, sort and column organize data, convert data to shareable Excel files, use regional languages and formatting, and many more features.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (rather than the standard app store installer).

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Versão, 22/08/2023
- Included horizontal scrolling for find/replace results - Updated copyright information to 2023 - Includes both Excel 32-bit and Excel 64-bit versions

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